Movie Review: Helldriver

This Yoshihiro Nishimura film is a two hour roller coaster ride that gives you a pure emotional high and you don’t come down when the ride has ended. The film has not been widely acclaimed but many feel…… Interesting take on the nation splitting in two with humans controlling one half and zombies controlling the other. There isn’t a trace of believability and that’s what makes it so enjoyable. It keeps it’s freshness and excitement. The most celebrated sequence would be the woman with several arms. The story is told with wall-to-wall special effects. The bloodier it gets, the funnier it is. The jokes hit you in a subterranean comic zone that the surrealists pranks have reached. Occasional stabs at political allegory. Blood soaked comedy. Nishimura’s jokes jump out at you. It goes for laughs and gets them. Just when you think the film couldn’t get anymore insane, it tops the last scene with horrific visuals.

Yoshihiro is a dedicated craftsman who doesn’t just throw ideas and effects in our faces. His art is undeniably skillful and effective.

Magnificently tight casted, Eihi Shiina shows her flair for playing such a rotten person filled with hatred. Her character as mother to (lead) creates so much emotional chaos. Marc’s appearance.

She plunges her chainsaw katana into dozens of extras and hops a zombie tower before a truck, out of nowhere, rams into the leaning tower of zombies making them crumble. Top this WTF moment off with a cute and sexy poll dance. I am not even sure if it’s appropriate for me to call that a WTF moment because there are so many WTF moments in this film. After this psychotic opening, we skip back in time to Kika’s home where her crazy, cannibal mother and homicidal uncle have started dinner without her. Oh and her father’s legs are on the menu. A shocked Kika tries her best to escape the psychotic duo but her mother is not willing to let her go. Thankfully, a meteorite smashes into Rikka, Kika’s mother, but this results in Rikka stealing Kika’s heart to replace her own before becoming encased in a cocoon. That mysterious meteorite transforms half of the nation into some of the most eccentric zombies I have ever seen. (explain look)

The nation is divided but soon that wall will come crumbling down. The prime minister and his opponent try to reunite North and South Japan together because living with zombies is possible???? A scientist helps Kika survive without a heart by implanting a computer of some sorts in her body that’s suppose to regulate her violent temper. Kika is now a chainsaw katana wielding soldier out for revenge. She has a team of assassins along with her to support her path of destruction

Credits randomly roll mid-way through the film.

Zombies coming together to make a vehicle or a rocket. It’s pretty absurd but you have to let that go.