Movie Review-Heavy Mental

Plot-All in the name of heavy metal, women and gore is this tale about Ace. Ace receives a guitar as a birthday gift, which once belonged to one of his idols Eddie of the band Red Reaper. Ace soon discovers that the guitar is possessed by the spirit of Eddie and that Eddie wants Ace to settle a score on who killed him. Ace goes against Mrs. Delicious who is a Detroit crime boss and her sexy hit women that are named killer sluts. Delicious is on a spree of murdering anyone who has not paid back their borrowed money. Soon, we find out that Ace’s 2 dads took out a loan with her to get that guitar. Can Ace stop her in the name of all things rock and roll? Or will he have another thing coming.

Review-This is easily in my top ten of Troma films. Come to think of it, could I name ten troma films for a top ten? Nonetheless, this film is just more of what Troma fans have come to expect from the label. This film should be kept in the fridge, because it is pure cheese. The dialogue is just laughable, and the characters border from insane to so badly stereotypical that you are embarrassed to admit you are entertained. There is this scene in the film that basically sums up the humor of this film. Mrs. Delicious is holding a guy under the tub, while she has a conversation and she lets out a loud fart. He comes up freaking out and gasping for air, crying that her farts smelled really bad underwater. Then there is Cock Boy, where do I start with this one? He is a human with a chicken head, and speaks like a chicken and can lay eggs. The two main killer sluts will kill people and then after they are dead, get so turned on and have to make out with each other. Bad sound effects galore, like when they are kissing, you hear a slurping and the weird groping that just looks so utterly ridiculous. Of course, you know a film like this the finale will have to be absurd, and this one is very much so. The final battle takes place at the battle of the bands, when there is dynamite set to kill heavy metal in Detroit.
The film starts off with a video by Red Reaper that parodies 80’s hair metal. It was done so tongue and cheek, you had to think Steel Panther paid attention. This film felt like a heavy metal version of The Toxic Avenger. You get the cheap kills, and fun blood and gore and the very funny dialogue. Plus how can you go wrong when Mrs Delicious is played by Brenna Roth. This is the film a Troma fan expects when hearing about a new Troma release. All in all, this was a very fun and nostalgic look back at the 80’s. Plus Monique Dupree is the sheez…she rocks.

8.5 out of 10