Movie Review-Goon

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Plot-Doug Glatt is a bouncer with dreams of playing hockey. During a local game, a fight breaks out and Doug knocks out a player. Thru this encounter Doug gets noticed and offered a chance to play. There is only bad thing, he is not the best at ice skating but he knows how to fight. Can Doug take a team that was 1-9 and help them be the best they can be. Or will he be stopped by Ross Rhea aka Ross the Boss, who is the most infamous player in hockey and Doug knows to be the best he has to beat Ross and their team. All this and there is a love story mixed in as well. What do you expect from the writing team that gave us Superbad and Pineapple Express?

Review-The biggest shame of this film is that it was not released wider. Until the email came up about reviewing this film, I never even heard of this film. That is a big shame, because this is a very fun film. You got an American Pie reunion of sorts with Eugene Levy playing Doug’s dad, Doug is played by Seann William Scott. The fighting scenes were very well shot, and very brutal. What Slapshot was for 1977, I guess this is for 2012? It has all the sports clichés we are all used to seeing in a film like this. You got the nobody who comes aboard the misfit team and all of a sudden becomes the star of the team. You have the team who are dead last and are battling to make a difference this season. You have the enemy who you know the hero will face eventually; you have the team mates that cannot seem to get along, that will eventually put their differences aside and become best friends. (Among other clichés) After films like Mr. Woodcock and Role Models and now Goon, I am still not convinced Scott is a leading actor and can carry a film on his own talent. In Goon, the only saving grace for Scott is his costars and the writers. Alison Pill as Eva, the girl he falls for is the true star of this film. She played the drummer in Scott Pilgrim, and like Scott Pilgrim she brings her dark humor to this film. Every scene she is in, really makes this film shine. You can truly tell Scott is outclassed in those scenes. Liev Schreiber as Ross seems to be an afterthought, the very few scenes we do get leading up to the big climax were ok for what they were, but they could have been so much more, but they were good for what we got. This is based off a true story, and as the ending credits happen we get to see the real Doug in action, and also in the bonus features we get to learn more about Doug.
If you are a hockey fan, this film has some very good laughs and great fight scenes. The script is what you would expect from the team that brought you Pineapple Express and Superbad. Which really means, this film deserved the R rating. From a shot of a bloody tooth hitting the ice to the scene where Eva is trying to tell Doug why he should not date her, which is supposed to feel touching and comes across just humorous. This film is a very hard R. I wish the people at Magnet/Magnolia had a little more faith in this film, and released it to theaters and maybe changed the trailer. It would have worked. This is a really fun film, despite the flaws. The joke about hot dogs is priceless. I may not ever eat a hot dog or corn dog again. Sport fans, MMA fans, comedy fans, and Alison Pill fans you will not be let down. Seann William Scott fans, this is better than Role Models and pretty much is on par with American Pie as his best film to date.

8 out of 10