Movie Review-Documenting The Grey Man

Coming to dvd July 17th from Camp Motion Pictures

On Monday, September 10 2007, police officers were called to investigate possible multiple homicides at a historic Pawley’s Island, SC home. Investigators arrived to find what looked like documentary film equipment. Five members of a ghost-hunting expedition were also missing. This 65 minute film is the events that led up to that video being left behind. In the first minutes, we learn a group of actors who do a paranormal show are being hired to go to a mansion owned by the Sims family. They decide in the beginning that they are going to give these people a good scare, because Mitch who is heading this team and his group of actors think everything can be explained and that this is not real. So, for the first ten minutes of the film we watch as this team plot out a scheme that they think will sell this show. So, this film in the opening minutes created a good little mystery, is what we about to see made up to scare us the viewer or is this made to scare them and it is real. We learn this grey man that is haunting the mansion is supposed to be a ghost or spirit who warns residents of bad weather like hurricanes or bad storms, that this spirit has never been known to harm people. So as they interview the locals about this ghost, we learn that this ghost also liked to hang out at the beach at night and whisper to people. So, when this team finally gets to the Sims house you realize that maybe the Sims family may be hiding something as well, as this mystery of whether there are real spirits or are these make believe. Well, around the 30 minute mark is when the questions get answered. And, I understand that the genre is being flooded by found footage paranormal films, and I know that we are at the place of ad nauseam with them, but this one seemed to work for me. While not offering anything new to this genre, it did not take away anything, and for the 65 minutes just got to the point and did not waste any time. It delivered more of a punch, than I was expecting and I was really into this film from start to finish.
Horror fans, you get some very cool scary tense moments. Like when the psychic is supposedly talking to these spirits and his friends, think he is playing a joke on the family, even when he starts to bleed out of his eyes. I laughed so hard at Mitch and the gang, when they are sitting there with him and telling him, ” the joke is going too far”. And you see his reactions, and know this may or may not be a joke. The paranormal stuff worked very effectively. Like when the Sims daughter is in the bed room and she is about 2 feet on air over the bed, and the guys think this is a special effect. Wayne Capps with this film did not set out to invent the wheel; he just made it a little less bumpy to drive on. This film offered the same stuff we have seen in several films, but added a little twist to it. Where the other films made your mind up for you, and told you it was all real. This film makes you wonder, if the actors are putting on a show or if they this is really happening. And when that answer is finally revealed, this film gives you a reason to rewatch it. All in all, the script was fun and way better than you would expect from this kind of film. The characters were all believable and also very fun to watch. My only flaw with this film, was that there are just so many paranormal films, and even with this film it does have a twist and is more watchable than most, but the problem is how many more paranormal found footage films do we truly need? I know there are people who eat these films up, but in the last two years count how many indie and hollywood found footage films have been released. I think maybe this concept either needs to die completely or at least take a rest.

All in all, this is a good date film. That gives you some blood and jump scares to keep that loved one holding your hand and jumping on your lamp, and in the long run is’nt that why we watch horror films? This was a fun scary little film, that for the done to death premise at least offered some twists and a little originality. And trust me, a little originality in this genre is a breath of fresh air.

7.5 out of 10