Movie Review-Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope

Currently on VOD. DVD and Blu Ray August 2012

Plot- COMIC-CON EPISODE IV: A FAN’S HOPE is a film by Morgan Spurlock that explores an amazing cultural phenomenon by following the lives of five people who hope that this event changes their lives forever.

Review-This is Morgan Spurlock’s best work to date. This documentary is designed so whether you are a comic book fanatic, or sci fi geek, or just a fan of documentaries, this film will appeal to you. What makes this work is that Spurlock is not trying to expose anything here, or make fun of; he is basically creating a love letter to people who enjoy this event. While it also seems he is just as much a fan as he is a director at this event. The film focuses on 5 stories basically. Story one is about a want to be comic book artist who is billed as the geek. The geek his whole life revolves around being a comic book artist. You get to watch him go to comic con and get feedback, which to my shock, was not so good for him. I won’t give too much away, but the scenes when reality sets in and he faces it, was very heartbreaking. Story two focuses on a designer. Who shock is called designer. She is doing costumes for Mass Effect 2 and wants to be noticed. She is so passionate that she will not accept anything less than perfect. She has went to several of the cons and seen wardrobe malfunctions, and that is her greatest fear. Then story 3 is the soldier. This guy who is so obsessed with being a comic book designer and drawer. He tells his wife and family to wish him luck as he goes to the con. To watch his nervousness with dealing with Dark Horse and the back and forth with him and their people was really so captivating. You are with him, hoping this guy gets his dream. Morgan puts you in that room, where you feel like they are critiquing you. Story 4 is the survivor and focuses on the owner of Mile High Comics. Which, if you are like me and collect comics somewhat you know who this guy is maybe? This tale is about someone who is trying to make the bills, and may be forced to sell his Red Robin mint comics for half a million, that he has held on to for over 50 years. To see how discouraged he becomes is really inspiring for anyone who feels like life is unfair to them. We all deal with issues, it is how we make it thru that makes us the people we are or become. Then, the next story is called Love. It is about two young lovers who met at comic con and this year, he wants to propose to her. This was just so beautifully written and done, that Hollywood could not have made a script this believable. So happens he proposes during the Kevin Smith panel. And Kevin adds in on the fun and makes it so funny while he himself can be seen with tears in his eyes. Then our final story is called The Collector. This man who has to collect everything he can. To see how he goes insane and runs for his life to buy a doll is funny. It shows you that no matter who you are, that we all still have that inner kid inside. Good for you.
You get cameos by a who’s who from Eli Roth, Stan Lee to Joss Whedon. This is a fun, light hearted, often at times very emotional little film that is one of the best documentaries of this year. If you know what the con is about, you will love it, if you have no clue what it is about, you will want to see it. This is a must see. I wish at 90 plus minutes it would have been longer. And why no special features? Oh well, to see Stan Lee interact with his fans, is worth the price of this blu ray. A true class act.

10 out of 10