Movie Review-Chronicle

How is this for something different-a found footage superhero film. The film opens with Andrew, and he shows us his new camera and decides to start filming everything from that day forward. We learn that Andrew is bullied at school, and at home he is abused by his dad while he looks after his sick mom. Andrew is a shy outcast that does not really know how to fit in, or if he even has a place to fit in to. One night after a rave goes wrong for Andrew, he follows Matt and Steve around the back of where the rave is held. They stumble upon a cave and make a discovery inside that cave that gives them all superhero powers. While Steve and Matt use their powers responsibly, Andrew decides that he can pay back what has been done to him with his. This film really blurs the lines between is this right or wrong, where in a way we feel he is justified, but in another he starts to hurt innocent people as well. Like a scene where he starts to go on a crime spree. Andrew also comes to the realization that the other two would never have talked to him or hung out, if they did not have these gifts.
In the last few years we have been flooded with so many superhero films. Thank god, someone noticed that as well and made one with a twist. From the get go of this film, and to be sucked into Andrew’s life, you cannot help but feel for the kid. You watch this kid get slapped around and called an idiot by his drunken father. Then, he gets picked on by all the kid’s at his school. It does not help matters that he is walking around all day taping them with a camcorder. Then you have Matt, who is too cool for school and energetic, but cannot get the girl he likes to give him the time of day. Then there is Steve, who is Mr. Personality and is running for class president. One faithful night, they gain these superpowers. In almost like a Superman nod, they are trying to test them out. These results are both funny and really well done. In almost a nod to Jackass, the first thing they do is pelt each other with baseballs in the face trying to see if they can stop the ball from hitting them. After that, they move cars and scare little kids with toys and take these powers for granted at any minute they can. Andrew starts to use his powers in a different way. The first sign is when he makes a truck lose control and almost kills the driver. Steve and Matt learn then, that Andrew is not right and that Andrew is not ready for the responsibility that comes with the powers. They learn throughout this film that they can do things like fly, and move objects off the ground like a car. The scenes with them flying were so well done and very breathtaking.
To me, this film is a good time and a really fun watch. From the scenes like them flying in the air and an airplane hitting one of them, and the other has to go and rescue him from free falling, to the fight scene in the final climax. From the characters that were so well acted and the dialogue that felt genuine, to the building of the story and the pacing. This is a must own. What the Matrix was in 1999, Chronicle is today.
Solid story, great film, and please give us a sequel

10 out of 10.