Movie Review-Butterfly

Coming to dvd July 24th

Plot-Nick Cole, is a indie director who is kidnapped by Laney. Laney is a teenage girl who seems like a crazed fan. As Nick is tied up, Laney shows Nick her film, and things start changing when Nick realizes that the deaths in her film are real. And even worst, the people dying in her film are people, Nick has had a past with. Think Hard Candy with a camcorder. Well, that may be what they want you to think.

Review-Films like Butterfly, are a positive and negative to indie film. It is always good to watch a film, and be inspired by the idea and try to recapture it in your own way. It is never good, when you try to create a film, and build a mood and tension, and the characters seem so bored and uninspired, that the viewers end up being just as bored with it and uninspired. This film had a great script for the most part. While some of the dialogue, I really thought went beyond the call of duty, a lot of it seemed so interested in referencing pop culture to try and be hip. A Hal Hartley reference, a Brian Jonestown Massacre reference, a Bloody Disgusting reference, and etc. I hate films that just throw you in a situation after the opening credits, with no rhyme or reason. Ok, a young kid has a man tied to a chair. And we are clueless as to why. It never tells us how this happened, or how a girl her size got this guy to go a in a storage room with her. Did she carry him? Did he try to rape her, or come on to her? It is when she starts to tell her story, and show him these films she created, that you almost can guess, everything else in this film. If you get to the end credits, and say ” I did not see that coming”. You clearly do not want too many films. This film is paint by the numbers, try to be clever and smart 101. Laney when she shows her version of a snuff film, it involves 4 acts, that also involves drugging people, wearing sexy outfits, and killing these people in some of the most lame kills you can ask for in a indie film. Of course, a man is tied up and they are ripping on Hard Candy, you know the girl will perform a medical procedure on one of the guys. You know, it will be meant to shock us, the audience. You know that unlike Hard Candy, that built that tension up and had you scared to death that she was going to do this at any minute. This film just does not create that tension and you just get it, with no real emotion or care. It is just done to be shocking. And comes across very lame in the process. Mandi Kreisher and Jay Laisne as the two leads, are awfully dull. Their delivery back and forth, just sounds like improv class 101. I loved the script, and if they had the right two characters in these roles, the film would have been so much better for this viewer. How many times does a character have to tell us, she is beautiful? To hear her go on and on this much, you expect her to be much better looking than she was. Now, I am not calling her ugly, she is not ugly. But, she is not someone that is so god gift that she should have such a ego.

The last 20 minutes of this film, were such a pathetic excuse to try and shock us. It is almost like they abandoned the Hard Candy approach, and thought to try, and go into a M Night spectrum. Where it will make some revelation in the end, or some point,or discovery, that it wants you to feel that you have to watch this film again. This tried to be a film inside a film. I just wished it tried to be more of a film period. Indie films already have that rep. with fans, that they are just cheap knock offs of major films. And, this is one of those films that people can point at clearly and make that case. Laney makes a statement in the film that is so true. ” You have to get past the bull shit to get to the good stuff” I think she must have seen the future of what we would think about this film while watching.

All in all, great script. The writing was solid. The characters and the way they acted with each other and reacted, was so god awful. I liked the last twenty minutes the best of all that was presented, when this story unfolded and all the pieces of this film fell into place. As a whole, I will stick with Hard Candy. What a good concept that really deserves a better set of actors. It is a shame, the scipt was really not so badly written. I just wish that the actors had more heart and personality. All in all, maybe next time.

3 out of 10