Movie Review-Beware the Gonzo

Plot-Gonzo is Eddie Gilman and he is out to start a revolution. Eddie is a rebel journalist who is forced out of his prep school newspaper by the editor. So Gonzo starts an underground paper to give a voice to all the misfits who are victimized by the editor and cronies.

Review-This is from Bryan Goluboff who wrote the screenplay for the criminally underrated The Basketball Diaries. In his directorial debut he proves that The Basketball Diaries was no fluke, this is another well written script. Beware the Gonzo has so many dark undertones in its delivery, that if you are into mean spirited comedies like Heathers and Mean Girls, this film should be on your list as well. Gonzo is played by Ezra Miller (who also has another star turning performance as the young Kevin, in the upcoming reviewed- We need to talk about Kevin) Ezra proves he has the chops to pull off the dry humored Gonzo, almost in a Ferris Buelller meets Slater in Heathers sort of way. You feel that the director and star both know, this could be a star turning performance, you just see it in the way he plays Gonzo. Jesse McCartney plays a villain who is so over the top that you will root on Gonzo, while also having fun watching Jesse just go against characterand go all, and really put in a performance that really shines just as much as Ezra. The story is very fun and feels fresh, even though it is not original. Gonzo who is an aspiring journalist, and his friends who do not seem to fit in, decide to take over an underground school paper to challenge the power hierarchy that rules the school. Beside rebellion, this is also a film about identity and morals. Gonzo must decide what is important to him, truth, friends, revenge and etc. He starts to get blinded mid-way thru the film, and starts to lose the things that made him the rebel. The character development was really well done; you get to know just enough to know who you should root for. The humor was very dark, and at times maybe too dark, that it seems some of the things that should have been funny, just seemed to fail a little. But, this film has more than enough to recommend the viewer to check it out.
New Video/Tribeca has put out quite a few of these little quirky comedies as of late that are really worth checking out. The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle is one that comes to mind. These are little gems that are inspired by people and films like Keith Gordon’s The Chocolate War, Kevin Smith’s Clerks, and Michael Lehmann’s Heathers, but James those are the easy ones, I thought you did your homework. Well ok, they were also inspired by films like my god Hal Hartley’s Trust, David Morris’s Patti Rocks and Todd Solondz Happiness. If you are into any of those films I named, these films are in the same realm. This is just that little comedy that is so odd, that when you watch it, you will like it. And in a few years get reminiscent and rewatch it to capture the first time you watched it. I liked this film, enough to recommend any one to find it, seek it out and watch it.

8 out of 10

All the other films I mentioned are 10 out of 10….Patti Rocks needs to be on blu ray soon,very soon…and when will the Hal Hartley films be on blu ray? Or Chocolate War, Happiness, Welcome to the Dollhouse? This can go on all day about what needs to be on blu ray

Karen Landry take a bow, you are still remembered all those years later