Movie Review-Area 407

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Plot-Boarding a late plane on New Years Eve, two teenage sisters are filming their trip and experience. Somehow from NY to California, the plane crashes and the survivors of the crash are left in this field with a camcorder. Things go from bad to worst, when there is something else out there with them.

Review-You ever watch a movie, and during the film, it just feels there is something you cannot quite grasp that just seems to be missing. And then get to the end, and the film just feels incomplete, or maybe just something they whipped together just to release a film? This film leaves the viewer with more questions then answers. This experience sort of felt like that it was made more to cash in on a craze then to be taken serious. This film can be broken down in 3, 30 minute acts. The first act which goes way too long for the half hour. You have the 2 little girls with the camcorder. This film tries to make you feel like you are witnessing real life. But, people do not have conversations like this in real life. At one point, the two girls who are clearly very out of touch, immature teenagers, or older actresses trying to pass as teens. Well, they start talking to this older man about his experiences in this and that, and they ask him all these personal questions that just go on for about 5 minutes, that sounded like they were questioning him at a trial. It felt awkward, and the conversation was annoying. Trish is the young girl who holds the camera and narrates a good part of this film. She was so annoying, her voice was just so irritating, you just wanted her to shut up. And her sister Jessie was so clueless. There is a scene, in the third act that has to be one of the worst emotional scenes in film history. It involves hitting someone with a car. Just utter ridiculous. So the first half hour, they make fun of a drunk old man on the plane, annoy and ask questions to everyone around them like they are giving out quizzes. Act 2, involves the plane crash. I am thinking this film is PG 13, but lord was there a lot of blood and violence in this act. How could this pass for PG 13? I like the second act a lot. It was not so irritating, and the camera was still Blair Witch, but the characters toned it down for the presence of these creatures. That is another negative, if you read imdb it tells you the spoiler to the selling point of this film. You never quite know what the creatures are, or why they are doing this. They just appear out of the blue. The survivors find a cabin that the military used, and that is the whole second half. The 3rd half hour which leads to credits, was odd. I wont say I liked it, or hated it. I was just confused by it. You go thru a very boring, heavy dialogue first half. A strong and violent second half. And then, this is how they want to end the film. I truly felt robbed.

This film gave you a far fetched finale that really left me scratching my head. I understand the need to try and outsmart your fan base or audience, but this film I felt outsmarted itself. Characters were being killed, and we had no clue. Disappearing with no meaning or even letting us know they were gone. One scene, there were 6 survivors and in a series of 4 to 6 minutes it went to a way lower number, and only explained one of the deaths. I like taking found footage into a different spectrum, but this film felt like every other found footage film. It gives you the middle of the night blair witch shaky cam running and screaming because of the bumps in the night. It gives you that want to be real feel. Oh look, they are really there and the plane is really crashing. No offense, how long is that battery in the camcorder? They never worried about that or the flashlights ever losing juice. Ok, a film like this, fans want to see the creatures. They want to read this review and know if they delivered. The film did not have too much faith in the creatures. You really only see them in glimpses. They looked like almost a radioactive lizard, I want to say. (watch someone who seen this, knock me for the reference)

Not to spoil anything, but the very last shot of the film made no sense. How can we can call this a found footage film? When the characters are this annoying, and they give excuses like ” I am so sorry for my anger, I had a heart attack last year and need my heart medicine”. I am pretty sure, if you have this medical condition, you would not be screaming non stop for 15 minutes and wanting to get drunk, and fight the whole crew. And there is a scene when one of the main characters seem to break their leg, and a scene later, they are running full speed with no limp. I know this film was originally called Tape 407 and sat on the shelf for a few years. My advice, is put this back on the shelf. At 90 minutes, this film offers you 30 decent minutes and 60 not so praise worthy long and confusing minutes. All in all, if you seen every other found footage film and enjoy even the bad ones. This is for you. If you are more selective with what you watch, you may want to pass on this title. They should have left Area 407 alone.

3 out of 10

  • This same problem happened last year Derrick. A studio will send out screeners pre release to try and build an audience for the film. The track record so far has been 2 for 4. Lionsgate UK, sent out The Hike which I did like. Then, Dimension sent out Hellraiser, the last one that was so damn awful. They sent it 7 months before release and then demanded no reviews. Theatre Bizarre, well you know how I felt about that one. And now this. This film was on the shelf for what 5 plus years or something like that. And still no All the Boys love Mandy Lane or Poughkeepsie Tapes. Both those films were way better than this mess. Which is not saying much at all.

  • Just watched this last night, it was terrible. I think I hated it even more than you did. My review is coming soon. However, for movies On Demand recently: GOD BLESS AMERICA is one of the most amazing and darkly hilarious comedies since IDIOCRACY!