Movie Review-All Dark Places

Coming to home video June 26th

Plot-Christian is a man who has made a few bad life choices. He has a lot of demons he is battling. When his wife Jamie and son give him one last chance to be a good dad, and move back in the house. They all start to see that Christian is battling far worst demons then they thought. Also, this film has a clown.

Review-I know this is being billed as a horror film. And when you see the art work and the clown face, you will think it is a clown horror film. This film is something totally different. It is like watching a downward spiral into madness. On the surface it seems that Christian is a normal guy, who just likes the drugs too much. But, as this film goes on, we watch him lose his sanity and we are not so sure if the drugs can be the blame for this. There is a scene, where Jamie is preaching about values and stop the partying, but she takes acid with him. During the trip, is when you really think that maybe Christian is not so alone in this blame game, Jamie is putting on him. She seems just as irresponsible as he does. There is little to no blood in this film. The clown has a purpose in this film, even though, it felt like the film was just as bizarre without the clown. The clown for the most part worked. I get it, people are scared of clowns, feature a clown. But, with or without the clown, this film was really fucked up. You really get to see Christian fall to pieces before your eyes. That is the true horror element of this film. You watch a man, lose control of both sanity and reality. A slave to the drugs that tore his family apart the first time. Jamie, who is also just as irresponsible with her sexual appetite, that she has no issues moaning very loud with her son awake, in the next room during sex. Then, will preach values to her husband. She seems to be on the same wave as he does. Though, she does not have the demons Christian does. There is a scene where Christian is jogging in the woods, that was very effective on the creepy feel of this film. And, for him to run around his house with a butcher knife looking for something that may not exist, was also very effective.

My negatives are fair. I thought this was more drama based, then horror based. And was somewhat letdown that we had a clown horror film, that did not have a body count. That the clown was not fully explained as to why it may or may not exist. And what was the deal with the clown and the son? Things that made little to no sense, and never fully explained. And could the wife see the clown, in one scene she is watching them have clown sex. Yes, clown sex. Then later claims there are no clowns. Then, has a dream with the clown in it. The clown sex references may have just sold a lot of dvds. The film as a drama was a good little creepy film, as a horror film not so much. It may be worth the rental. The acting and dialogue was top notch. All people involved did a wonderful job with what they had. All in all, not a waste of time, but horror fans be warned. This is not a blood and guts affair.

7 out of 10