Movie Review-Air Collision

Plot-Air Force One and a 747 passenger plane are locked on a collision course with one another because of a solar storm that is causing satellites to rain down to earth.

Review-I am floored. I just watched a film that passengers plug an enormous hole in the cabin of their plane by filling it with luggage. A film when a rescue team member tries to save the first lady in a scene that was just so over the top absurd, it had me laughing well after the film was over. An over anxious passenger that states the obvious so much, you just want to smack her. When a passenger is having a heart attack, she is yelling,” he is having a heart attack and is going to die. And it is all because of you”. That does not even touch the surface as to what this film offers. Let us talk about the casting; two stars that are heavily featured are first Reginald VelJohnson, who played the cop in Die Hard and Die Hard 2. He is the only air traffic controller known to man who can stop this collision from happening. Anyone else he tries to get to help him, tells him to stand down that this problem is not that bad. When a satellite rains down and kills people, and destroys cities and buildings. It is not that bad, and the president sees no issue with flying in it. Then Jordan Ladd, is the stewardess aboard the passenger jet who can maintain order and keep calm no matter what happens around her. Jordan Ladd seemed like Priscilla Presley in Naked Gun. So serious that it borders on dark deadpan humor.
You can quote this, I will go on record. This is the best film out of The Asylum by far. In the land of mock busters, and overacted yesterday star flops. This film was fun. I won’t say it had no flaws. The flaws in this film made the film so much more fun. Liz Adams deserves so much credit for this beautiful insane train wreck of a masterpiece. The balls she has to pull off a funny poke at 9/11. This is the first film I have witnessed that from scene to scene, I had no earthly idea what direction this film was heading nor did I care. I am not sure if Liz knew either. This is not like any other disaster film I have ever witnessed, and better yet this is sure as shit not like any Asylum film I seen before it.

This film was so wonderfully (yes you read this right wonderfully) overacted. It bordered on parody. This is that film, no matter what mood you are in before you watch it, by the end, you will be laughing and having a fun time and wanting to show this to your friends. This film is a crowd film, get with a crowd and sitting down and putting your brain and sanity in the popcorn bucket and having fun. This film is just fun. There is a scene that involves the first daughter watching a F16 get blown up. Her expression alone will have you glad you watched this film. This is just what cinema has missed for so long; a fun film that takes so many chances and does not care about what will go over with people. It just seemed like Liz was making this for her to enjoy, and if anyone else liked it, so be it. I applaud the efforts by all involved. This film is just a non-stop fun time. Welcome to 2012…The Asylum. And, I am stoked for what Liz Adams has next up her demented and fucked up sleeve. I am going to question my own sanity on this review, but after watching this twice I can say, this is a must see. And the film had some very decent special features. A minute long gag reel, which if you watched this film, you witnessed a 90 plus minute one. And a 4 minute making of, which Liz looks like a college professor who is about to unleash an experiment on some unsuspecting students.

8.5 out of 10

  • Bobbi Jean

    Great, and true, review; loved it! Especially: I am stoked for what Liz Adams has next up her demented and fucked up sleeve.

    Me, too 🙂