Movie Review-A Serbian Film Uncut

Back in November, this film that had all the hype in the world called A Serbian Film was released. People wanted to see what the big deal of this film was, and were quite surprised. Not by the hype but it was missing the key scenes that people talked about. The Blu Ray sort of hinted at those scenes, but they also softened them up. This was the American Serbian Film, and people like me who witnessed this film in its full uncut glory were up in arms. Where is the big reveal, and the realistic orphan scene? They softened up the blow and made all of us critics who bragged about this film look stupid. Invincible Pictures decided to release this barebones version without even a cover. And this is the real deal, not only that but 3 extra minutes I have never witnessed before on any version I have seen. Forget special features, all you get is a digital copy and a blood soaked case. And you know what, that is all I truly need. So, finally this is the real review for the film that you guys know as A Serbian Film.

The Plot-A former porn star is lured back into the business by an offer he can’t refuse. What kind of porn movie does his director have in mind?

Review-Where do I start? This movie is meant to be a metaphor for what is happening in Serbia right now. I will say this; there are some images and scenes in this movie that are disturbing. The movie centers on Milos, a retired porn star. He is a happily married man, and father of a young son. He is realizing, he did not save as much money as he thought, and then comes the offer to star in a porn film and make a lot of money. He knows nothing about what the movie is about, or what he is needed for. When Vukmir( the director of this porn) enters, is when the movie starts that bizarre descent into something so fucked up, disgusting and disturbing. There are 2 scenes in this movie right now, I can name, that will divide the audience as to what is acceptable for a movie, and what should never be put to film. This movie is not here to entertain you. This movie is not here for you to get a good jump scare. This movie is here to disturb you. There are scenes in this movie, that you think its only a film, but where did the inspiration come from. Is this really happening in Serbia? The last 15 minutes of this movie, even though you may see it coming, you don’t fully expect how cold, cruel and far it goes. This movie is not for everyone, hell it may not be for anyone. This movie is original. And, by the end of this movie, you will either be really mad, or wanting to watch it again. This movie will not bore you, and it will not disappoint you. It may disgust you, and some people may write it off as a snuff movie or junk. Fuck them. This is why, people like me are horror fans, something to challenge me as a viewer, as a fan. A Serbian Film is for real and please if you are going to Americanize a film, do not fuck the fans of a awesome experience.

10 out of 10