Metal Review: Chaos Inception: The Abrogation (2012)

Metal Review: Chaos Inception: The Abrogation (2012)Lavadome Records has set June 5th as the date on which CHAOS INCEPTION’s The Abrogation will be released. It was created by Italian painter Paolo Girardi and it depicts an abstract vision relating to the last days of humanity and it really corresponds with the musical side of the album. On the Alabama act’s sophomore effort CHAOS INCEPTION continue to push that Floridian/Brazilian Death Metal paradigm even further into its own identifiable realm of extremity, while remaining heavily rooted in the traditional conception.

The Abrogation was recorded and mixed by Lance Wright at Stargate Studios in Huntsville, AL during Fall/Winter 2011 and mastered by Brian Elliot at Mana Studios in January 2012. CHAOS INCEPTION’s Legacy of Extreme Death Metal Art continues and the Hellfire blasts will be unrelenting.

If you are looking for one of the best death metal albums of the year, look no further than the sophmore effort from Alabama’s Chaos Inception and their latest release entitled The Abrogation, which will hit shelves on June 5. This riff-driven death metal act is as solid as ever and can definitely hold their own with the likes of the classic death metal acts of all time. These seem like lofty words coming from someone who loves their metal deathly, but it is so true.

The Abrogation is driven by riff after riff of death metal madness and some of the most solid blastbeats laid down in a long time. Each song is riddled with death metal goodness (and evil) and there is never a letdown from one track to the next. There is honestly no weak point on the album, but there are so many high points.

I was in complete shock listening to this album and it gets better with each listen. It is all in here for you. Are you looking for solid riffwork? Drumwork? Death metal vocals? You have it all wrapped up in this evil little package.

Give Chaos Inception’s The Abrogation a listen when it comes out. You will not regret it.

Chaos Inception