Metal Review: Avenger: Bohemian Dark Metal (2012)

Metal Review: Avenger: Bohemian Dark Metal (2012)Black metal rules, and good black metal rules even more. While I like the raw, classic sound of the black metal legends, I am also open to black metal with a flair to it. Such is the case with Avenger’s Bohemian Dark Metal. Okay, so “Dark Metal,” by the admission of their own press release, is the full blend of black metal, death metal and doom metal. I am not really sold on that term, but be as it may, Bohemian Dark Metal is simply a solid effort.

From the outset of the album, you can tell that we have something powerful here. From song to song, Avenger traverses dark waters effortlessly. Melodies are seemlessly intertwined and destruction is brought to the table.

Dusevni Chirurgie is such a heavy tune. It starts off intense as any black metal song could possibly be. The vocals are spot on as is the double bass. This is easily the highlight of the album, but that is not to say that the entire album is not up to par.

The very next song, Vstric Dalkam, is another standout. The beginning sets the errie tone for what becomes a dark and evil masterpiece. Along with Umirani Zivotem, they present the great droning effect that only a few black metal bands can ever perform correctly. Umirani Zivotem is a hypnotic song with equally hypnotic vocals.

01. Vítej zpátky doma… v krajine smutku a beznadeje
02. Faleš a apatie
03. Duševní chirurgie
04. Vstríc dálkám
05. Umírání životem
06. Z Jeho krve
07. Hledme, plamen duše!
08. Dark Metal