Metal Review: Antropofagus – Architecture of Lust

Antropofagus - Architecture of LustDrawing inspiration from the deranged works of Clive Barker and similar individuals comes Antropofagus with their first full-length release since their debut 13 years ago. This Italian brutal death metal band brings you Architecture of Lust, which contains 9 songs, but barely breaks the 30-minute margin. I guess one way to look at it is that Antropofagus does not like to waste time, so they get right to the point.

If you like you death metal as brutal as can be, then Antropofagus is a nice band to check out. Songs like Sadistic Illusive Puritanism are heavy as hell, but tracks like Blessing Upon My Redemption are kind of take no prisoner songs. The speed and brutality is evident with every double bass kick. Even when you have a song like Det Helgeran Av Haxor, which is a slow, brooding track, you can sense the evil.

With many standouts on the album, the main weakness that I found was the almost non-existant bass. I am a fan of hearing bass lines that stick out, even if only a little, but Antropofagus mine as well have not even recorded the bass. Even when the bass lines are played solo, they come out flat. But, like I said, that is a small complaint, and I have a ton of praise for pretty much everything else done on the album.

Architecture of Lust Track Listing:
01. Architecture Of Lust 04:04
02. Sanguinis Bestiae Solium 03:37
03. Demise Of The Carnal Principle 03:08
04. The Lament Configuration 03:48
05. Exposition Of Deformities 03:40
06. Eternity To Devour 02:48
07. Sadistic Illusive Puritanism 03:50
08. Blessing Upon My Redemption 03:44
09. Det Helgerån Av Häxor (Outro) 05:35