Dvd Review-Bob’s Burgers The Complete First Season

Plot-Bob Belcher’s family-run restaurant would be a big success if not for one thing, his kids and wife. This cartoon comes on Fox every Sunday night, right before Family Guy.

Review-As the title suggests, the series focuses on Bob, who runs a struggling burger restaurant. His family consists of his means well wife, and his three kids who have a weird style that is all their own. Bob’s Burgers is a concept that was created by Loren Bouchard. If this name does not ring any bells right away, think producer of “Dr. Katz” and co-creator of “Home Movies”. This fit the void that King of the Hill left. I am not a fan of The Simpsons, and as huge a Family Guy fan I am, and Seth, his shows are starting to wear thin and really not be what they once were. While the animation on this show lacks, the humor and characters make up for it. This show is just so dark humored, and just gutsy in its approach. You cannot help but be a fan of it. For me though, this seems to fit Comedy Central’s programming more than Fox’s. And the fanbase for this show, was so excited when this was renewed for a second season. On the pace of this season, this shows that it could keep getting fresh and creative ideas, and give The Simpsons a run for the money in the upcoming years. On the surface, Bob sells burgers. He has a really crappy location next to a funeral home. Tina, has a voice of a chick who has done way too many roids, and seems to be very sexual for her very young age, in some of the material she spews out. She has some of the most bizarre dialogue of any character on any animated show since Cartman on South Park. Louise seems like the smartest of the kids, because she always seems like she is up to something. Gene has this habit of making weird noises that could be sexual or gas. No one really knows. Disturbing little bastard. Then, there are the parents who never seem to notice that the kids may not be right in the head. They are far too concerned with trying to get the business off the ground. Very funny stuff. Very well written script and laugh out loud material. If you are not a cartoon fan, this show may convert you.

1.-Human Flesh (9 January 2011)
2.Crawl Space (16 January 2011)
3.Sacred Cow (23 January 2011)
4.Hamburger Dinner Theater (8 February 2011)
5.Sheesh! Cab, Bob? (8 February 2011)
6.Art Crawl (8 February 2011)
7.Spaghetti Western and Meatballs (8 February 2011)
8.Bed & Breakfast (8 February 2011)
9.Sexy Dance Fighting (8 February 2011)
10.Burger Wars (10 April 2011)
11.Weekend at Mort’s (8 May 2011)
12.Lobsterfest (15 May 2011)
13.Torpedo (22 May 2011)

8 out of 10