Blu Ray Review-The Wizard of Gore / The Gore Gore Girls

Plot-In 1970-The Wizard of Gore was released. The audience wondered is it magic? Or insane slaughter? This is the story of magician Montag the Magnificent, a small town magician. Hypnotizing pretty young women from the audience to be his obedient volunteers, Montag then proceeds to mutilate them in a series of Grand Guignol illusions.
In 1972-The Gore Gore Girls was released. A lunatic with a grudge against women who are pretty or wearing anything revealing. This is H.G. Lewis at his gory and seedy best.

Review-Finally out on blu ray, and not only that, but as a double feature from Image Entertainment. A lot of people may be familiar with this film thru Dimension Extreme’s remake with Crispin Glover. While I was amused with that one, this one is the real deal. Throughout the whole film, each trick is just as gruesome and intense as the last one. To my recollection, this film contains some of the first scenes of real intense and extreme gore. There is this scene, where the mad magician cuts a redhead in half with a chainsaw. Way before The Texas Chainsaw knew about using them in films. And another scene where Montag hammers a metal spike through a lovely blonde’s skull, scooping bleeding brains out of her hair in a very sick fashion all in blu ray! As this bloodbath of a blu ray goodness continues, he has another female volunteer disemboweled on a punch press and shortly after that, Montag forces sharp swords down two women’s throats; each screaming victim has her tongue and esophagus savagely sliced open. Do I need to sell you anymore on how awesome this film is. If you are a Lewis fan, this double blu ray is a steal. But, why stop there. Let us go to a film that I consider a classic: The Gore Gore Girls. The term Gore Gore Girls means the go-go girls from a local club are not only stripping, but they are being mutilated. This was his follow up to Wizard of Gore, and he did not let up on the gruesome and extreme gore. When the girls are not having their throats slit, they are being mangled beyond recognition. A girl gets smashed into a mirror, another girls gets her ass destroyed by a meat tenderizer. Another scene has a woman being burned with a iron and another girl burning in hot cooking oil. This film is not for the squeamish.
If you are a horror fan like I am, collections like this on blu ray are such a godsend. Finally studios and companies are listening to us, release the classics. Release the Fulci, The Lewis, Romero, Hitchcock and etc on blu ray. It is also a sad state of affairs for horror, when the last 5 films that I gave high praise to are classics, and the last five films I hated were this year. When studios release these gems, they are limited time releases. You may want to go out and buy them, and support the companies, so they will release more and more classics like these.

The Blu Ray as a whole—10 out of 10
What else can you give two of the classics of H.G. LEWIS?