Blu Ray Review-Existenz / B Monkey / Malevolent

Plot-Echo Bridge are back with a new Miramax triple Feature.

Review-Whether you love them or hate them, Echo Bridge are doing blu ray and the Miramax library in such a cool fan friendly way, you cannot help but applaud them. They are joining films together on blu ray and dvd combo packs, and charging less than a movie ticket to own them. People will always be fast to bitch about the quality of the films on blu ray. Remember when they originally were released on dvd, they were 17.99 a pop and the quality at that time was barely passable. Well, let us see what three gems are on here for us to either praise or despise. Either way if you like one of these films enough, this may be well worth the purchase. Trust me, it is well worth the purchase for Existenz alone.

Malevolent-Starring Lou Diamond Phillips and Kari Wuhrer. (So right from the get go you know we are dealing with La Bamba and MTV’s Remote Control. We can somewhat lower our expectations) Jack played by Lou, is a cop who is trying to clear his name. He passes out in a bar bathroom and wakes up to find his gun and his bloody handkerchief are missing. And as you can guess it, his stuff turns up at crime scenes that imply him for murder. Now he must clear his name and find the person who is doing this to him.

Let us just end this speculation right here. Kari, plays the dancer who tries to help him. If you are expecting to see nudity, you will be letdown. Though, there is a decent enough shower scene. This is standard bad guy trying to bring down good cop, and good cop goes to unlikely partner to try and stop this. I mean, it is paint by the numbers. When Kari Wuhrer is the best actress and at least delivers her part convincingly, you know there will be issues. I am assuming when this film came out it tried to cash in on the then popular 24. Eudardo Ballarini, as the bad guy was a good casting. It just felt like he did not have much to play off ofand that hurt his performance. I wont insult Lou Diamond, or his lack of range and believability, he seems like a poor man’s Nicholas Cage. He only seems to have one facial expression and one range. While Cage, has made that work in his favor and got fans to deem him a hero, Lou has never been able to catch on and fans deem him as a yesterday name. Like all of Lou’s recent other films, he just really seems to be lost and in need of someone who could inspire or elevate him. Films like The First Power, show what Lou can do if given the right script, co stars and motivation. This film shows what Lou can do when he knows he will be on basic cable and forgotten by dvd release. When you can view Remote Control as a more believable script than this film. You know Kari had to be waiting to fire her agent.

2 out of 10

B Monkey-Asia Argento is a thief named B who is tired of being a thief. And is trying to find a way out. While trying to kick her addiction to crime, she finds love with a school teacher. Normality starts to end when her past comes back to haunt her.

This is a film that was shelved until XXX came out. That is when the flood of Asia Argento films came to light. This film was the shock of the collection. I really liked this film more than I should have. At times and certain scenes, the love story between the two main characters of Beatrice and Paul really was well written and very well acted as well. But, there are moments in this film that sort of make you feel that maybe this is not what it appears to be on the surface. Like, Paul and Beatrice seem at times to be a mismatch, and neither character’s lifestyle seems to fit with the other. At one point someone asks Beatrice what is she even doing with Paul, and she in turn tells Paul that he hasn’t a clue about what life is really about. Sort of little odd moments like that, that really tried to add another layer to the film. But, instead sort of made the film seem like it was trying to be everything to everyone. Michael Radford who has made a career of great well written films like 1984 and Il Postino, really goes outside of his element on this crime, drama, action laced romantic film. While not quite film noir as it set out to be, this film was somewhat enjoyable. Though, it does have dialogue and scenes like the above mentioned, that sort of felt like the director did not know what to do do with the story. Other than that, it would be the perfect double feature to a film like The Long Kiss Goodnight.

7 out of 10

Existenz-Jennifer Jason Leigh is game designer Allegra Geller, responsible for the new groundbreaking eXistenZ game system. Along with Ted Pikul played by Jude Law, they take the beta version of the game for a test drive and are immersed in a dangerous alternate reality. Directed by David Cronenberg.

There are not enough words to express how amazing this film is. You have Cronenberg, who is one of my all time favorite directors. You have Jennifer Jason Leigh who is one of the best actresses of all time. And one of the best Jude Law films, which says a lot. Even, Jude Law cannot fuck up this film. This came out around the time of The Matrix. Where a film like The Matrix was about reality and virtual reality, this film is sort of the in-between. You never quite know what to believe in this film, which adds to the charm. For this to finally be on blu ray is both a positive and negative. I would have loved a triple disc blu ray loaded with features galore. It almost seems like a insult to be listed on a combo pack with two other films that are not up to par with what this delivers. This film will keep your attention from start to finish, because every scene has some kind of purpose and meaning. And even all the way to the finale, this film does not let up on the guessing game. If you have never seen Existenz, this is a fucking must see. A film that you can watch with anyone, and they will truly be as captivated as you are. This is definitely another reminder of why David Cronenberg is a master of directing. And also a king of the strange. This film with what is going on today in the gaming industry, has to be seen as some kind of inspiration. Jennifer Jason Leigh the best actresses of our generation by far. Jude Law…ummmmm….at least he made one good film.

10 out of 10