Blu Ray Review-42nd Street Forever

Coming to blu ray this tuesday from Synapse Films

Plot-Over 3 and a half hours of sex, exploitation, action, horror and science-fiction movie trailers. 42nd Street Forever combines a selection of vintage theatrical trailers from the first two volumes of the series and mixes them up with some all-new selections.

Review-This is gold for the true movie fan. When I first heard the word in 2005,that Synapse was releasing a dvd primarly focusing on movie trailers. Like a lot of fans, I was skeptical. Who could possibly want to watch 40 something movie trailers from yesteryear. The answer was not as hard as you would have thought it would be. I was. It was a good flashback to yesteryear for me. Some trailers I felt nostalgic about, because I remember seeing them as a kid. While some, I rolled my eyes and laughed wondering how could they have ever been greenlit, and better yet. Could I buy them or see them today. Well thru this, we got a couple more dvds that went from sexploitation to the alamo drafthouse to porn. Then, came the copycats. All of a sudden, each indie label had to have their own trailer dvd. That is when it got to be overkill. But, the masters of the trailer dvd have taken their concept to blu ray. All I can say is, it is about fucking time. If you are a fan of the 42nd street, this may be the best purchase of May for you. Now, if you are reading this review and have not experienced a 42nd Street dvd let me begin by telling you, this entire Blu-ray is nothing but a collection of trailers. From start to finish. The range goes from exploitation, blaxploitation, rape/revenge movies, women in prison, naughty school girl movies, skin flicks of all sorts, cheesy sci-fi/fantasy films, schlock and good horror movies,mondo cane rip offs, japanese monster flicks, biker flicks, samurai movies,fuck I have not even started to touch the surface. You get sleaze, cheese and all kinds of goofiness, in between.

The trailers were all authentic, some went on like a short film, and some ended fast. They are also uncensored. Which means you get a lot of nudity, gore and violence that a normal trailer would shy away from. These trailers seemed to relish how far they push the boundries for their day and time. A small negative is that authentic also means we get grainy, scratched up, and somewhat blurry trailers as well. Which some people may bitch about, but to me it added to the fun.

As far as special features, there’s an extensive audio commentary that runs the full three and a half hours. Done by three guys, this trio were very knowledgable and also had a fun time with this.

Finally 42nd Street has made it to blu ray. This was a long time in the making, and believe me it was well worth the wait. This is by far, one of the best re releases to blu ray of 2012. Double dip. Own this. Thank you Synapse, for listening to the fans and giving us a blu ray that we can pass to our kids and their kids. Thank god.. Synapse has collaborated with Ban 1 Productions (Grindhouse Universe, Horror on 42nd Street) for the blu ray version of their amazing great trailer compilations. Jeff Dolniak and crew, kudos on the awesome job. Pick this blu ray up on Tuesday..

9 out of 10