Bieler Bros. Records presents Look Right Penny

Bieler Bros. is proud to introduce you to Look Right Penny and their debut album “Sugar Lane” which is in stores now! Hudson, Florida seems like a very unlikely place for a band like Look Right Penny to call home but then again with a sound this expansive and bold they could just as easily call London, Moscow or New York home base.

This is not the type of music you would expect from band with members who are all barely in their twenties. While the rock world has its fair share of female led rock bands, this is not just another Paramore or Evanescence come – lately. This is something on another level, something that is musically pushing the envelope. While Look Right Penny has its roots in the complexities of progressive metal and can hang with bands like Periphery, they also have a firm footing in great melodic songwriting. Straddling the complex and the catchy while staying true to both disciplines is rarely handled so seamlessly especially without sounding contrived. Most impressively there are very few singers in rock today that can hang with the bands dynamic lead vocalist Mariel Diaz – Carrion.