Movie Review-Ashes

This film plays off one of america’s greatest fears. An outbreak. What starts
off as Jesus ( pronounced Heysus) just getting
an innocent jellyfish bite turns into something really bad very quickly. Andrew Stanton (
Brian Krause) is a successful doctor, and a happy family man. Has the perfect
wife and kids, and is on the verge of discovering the cure for Aids, when one
day by fate Jesus, gets stung by the jellyfish, and alone he falls down on the
ground in front of the hospital. Andrew and his nursing assistant, rush him into
surgery. When they notice that the bite is getting worst. It looks like Jesus is
about to die, so when the nurse leaves, Andrew decides to inject Jesus with the
Aids vaccine cure, or as they call it a reconstructor. Jesus bites Andrew and
things start to get bad as the bacteria is spreading thru Andrew and he suffers
from hallucinations becomes more angry and out of control and anyone he shares
saliva with he infects and the bacteria gets more and more effective each person
it goes thru. So as you guess, he creates his own crazies. As he shares saliva
and bites quite a few people. The film has very good intentions and really tries hard, but I could not get into the first half of this film.

The truth be known, the first 45 to 50
minutes bored me to death. I wanted to either fall asleep or just shut it off. I was bored by the story and the characters. Then a sudden change, the second act delivered very good. The film from there went into a very
violent and more bloody style, that really made up for it. This film I felt,
tried so hard to be a message film and be taken serious, and then just gave up
and went for the jugular with what happened in the second act, to carry it to a very satisfying 25 minutes to finish the
movie. The ending though, made no fucking sense, and I think the fans will feel very cheated.
But, it had Natalya from Hostel in a bit part, she was fun in her 8
minutes of this film. Though, I have to give this film serious points, it took a negative and turned it around till the final last few minutes. There is enough to warrant a rental, or maybe a late night viewing on HBO or pay station. All in all, a decent film with very good intentions that just fell a little short.

6 out of 10