You been warned!!!! The Bunny Game is coming….new poster, art work and a review

July-Autonomy Pictures 1st release

“This film is a once in a lifetime picture. Once the ending occurred and the credits rolled, I turned on the light and found myself speechless.”
” This film is a violent fuck you to mainstream Hollywood”
“And to think in real life, this all really happened to her and she is using this film as therapy. This is no date movie. I could not picture this film going over too well with a mainstream audience”
” This is not the future of film and extreme. It is the right now”

10 out of 10
2010’s Top 3 best film of the year.
On over 40 bloggers and critics top 10’s
So extreme, they had to form a new label to distribute it.

Trust me…you are not ready or prepared for this film! Dvd and Blu ray will never be the same…

  • Joe

    I was somewhat disappointed by The Bunny Game. I let the hype lead me to believe it was something it didn’t end up even getting close to. It started to make it’s rounds on blogs and what not and was recommended by a friend with very similar taste in movies. Kept selling out on the site I order from. Then, when I finally watched it I built it up to be everything I had heard about it, “More gruesome than A Serbian Film” “The next Martyrs” and so on… Don’t get me wrong it’s shot beautifully and acted very well by the two leads and can only imagine a bullshit hollywood remake coming in a year or so and completely missing on every level to create a similar atmosphere. Couldn’t find anything on this being a true story though? Anyway, just my two cents.