Prong Best Served Cold Video

NY legends Prong have unveiled their brand new video exclusively with Metal Hammer!

Best Served Cold is taken from the band’s new album, Carved Into Stone, out now on Long Branch.

  • This video makes me want to listen to the new cd. Prong are one of those bands who never really caught on, but should have. Tommy Victor has been playing with so many people over the years, that I almost gave up on a new Prong cd. Well, since Tommy is the only original member..I will call this band Victor. Prove you Wrong and Beg to Differ are so criminally underated. And I loved his work with Danzig and Ministry…god I hope his attitude has changed. When he opened for Pantera in 1995, they were booed off the stage. He decided that he thought attacking the crowd was more fun than playing. And even Max of Sepultura during their set..told the fans that Pantera and Sep. respect their fans. So much so, a few years later both bands would have so much inner choas to one would split and the other would detiorate one member a year.