Music Review-Bleeding Knees Club-Nothing to do

Coming out this tuesday thru IAMSOUND records.

Band Members:
Alex Wall and Jordan Malane

Teenage Girls
Hate Me
Beach Slut
Problem Child
Girls Can Do Anything
Boy in Lust
Brain Wave
Let it go
Nothing to do
Who are you
Same Game

Review-Out of Australia is a 2 man piece low-fi rock/surf band. Before people compare them to a Local H or a male version of The Lovely Eggs, you may need to listen to them. They sound almost like a male version of The Raveonettes, with a surfer punk vibe that they lost after their debut cd. If you are a fan of the low fi music like Le Tigre with a more pop appeal and male vocals, you may think this is pretty cool. Clocking in at a little under 27 minutes, the Aussie duo waste no time getting to business on their debut album Nothing To Do. This cd has a Ramones at a beach orgy feel. Just simple catchy and poppy songs. Almost like a fucked up Jan and Dean on acid. With the female vocals in the background, it almost feels like this band is trying to bring back the 50’s and 60’s. Where most bands these days are influenced by current trends, this band seems to reminisce about bands like the Shangri La’s and The Strange Boys. Lipstick sounds like a new take on Leader of the Pack.

The band definitely has the potential to get some attention and make people pay attention. This cd sounds like a party record, that college kids would play in front of their parents and not feel ashamed. Though, the songs seem to be too safe and lack any punch. This cd lacks any attitude, originality, or anything to put their stamp on this cd, or name on the map. The biggest positive to the sound, and band, are the distinct female backing vocals. The wa-ooh’s and ahh’s in several tracks really make the riffs and singing stand out a little more. This cd while a good listen, could have been a great listen. This cd really lacks creativity, and at times, just sounds like they are trying to put a circle inside a square with their sound.

The real test is cd 2. I am dying to see what they learn from the feedback of this debut, and incorporate it in the next step in their career. If you miss Social Distortion pre- Mainliner era, you may want to buy this cd. And if you are into bands like, The Like, The first ep of The Raveonettes, or old school Donnas’ with a male approach, you may want to give this a listen. If you are looking for some revolutionary pop songs, you may want to skip it.

7 out of 10