Movie Review-Where the Dead go to Die!!!!

Plot-Almost like a cartoon version of Creepshow with satanic overtones. Labby is a talking dog that brings three people on a trip thru their minds and dimensions in 3 different stories. Story 1 is called Tainted Milk– On the night of a lunar eclipse, Labby informs little Tommy about the devil fetus living inside his mother. And wants Tommy to get the fetus out of his mom, and kill it, cause it is God’s will. Story 2 is called Liquid Memories- a memory stealing junkie living inside an abandoned church, steals the memory of a dead prostitute. Story 3 is called The Masks those monsters wear-Labby attempts to help Ralph court the girl across the street, who is an unwilling participant in her father’s child porn tape trading ring.

Review-What kind of sick minds think up these ideas? Most importantly, what kind of sick minds love these ideas, once they are presented? This film is not for everyone, hold on let me rephrase this…this film is not for anyone. Now, that being said, this film offended me quite a few times and had me questioning my values as a human being. This means, I really loved this film. Now, the animation is piss poor, almost at times, too badly done. But, the material and the lengths this film will sink to, to offend the viewer. I really had fun with what it offered, despite the flaws. When people think adult cartoons they think Felix the Cat and Heavy Metal. This film makes them seem like nickelodeon. If the Satanism does not offend you, they also give you bestiality, incest, and just pure cruelty. This film is not a feel good film, where when you watch it, you come to a realization that you could be a better person. This film makes you feel guilty for watching it and being entertained. This film basically says, if you watch this film, you are just as fucked as we are for making it. The Labby character and the voice were so wickedly sinister. The Ralph and Sophia final act was so disturbing. It made humor out of situations, that we as Americans really find no humor in-incest. Watching a father torture his daughter for the sake of making a porn video with her in it, somehow or another, they made it funny to me. That is where I give this film so much respect, to take taboo subjects, and make them the most disgusting, and cruel you can create on film, and then have the balls to find humor in them. Say what you want, it is ballsy.
Tainted Milk to me was the 25 minutes that summed up this whole experience for me. It is like they knew there was a line in film, you should never cross, and not only did they cross it, but they seem to want to stay on the other side of it. To watch a dog tell a kid to kill his unborn brother in his mom’s womb is disgusting, but to have the dog tell the boy to let him have anal sex with him, because it is god’s will, is just as bad. That is the film in a nutshell, if you think this is offensive, hold on wait till you see the next shot. This film had no problems offending you. It took pride in it. The liquid memories segment was almost like a Pink Floyd Wall hallucination stage. Where you felt the material was just as offensive as the other two stories, but they tried to create art with it as well. It was like they tried to make art out of uncontrolled chaos.
This is that once in a lifetime film. I am not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing, just yet. While I am for challenging boundaries in film and fucking pushing bounds and scripts to get bolder and cutting edge, I am not sure, a film like this did not go way too far, and should have scaled back the message somewhat. The animation was bad. So do not think you are going to get Disney graphics with Pixar budget. You are going to get a film that has so much it wants to say, and does not give a fuck if you are listening or not. This is the very first time in my life, that I witnessed a film that made me feel bad for liking it. I need to share this film with my ex-girlfriend who is a shrink and get my head examined. Between this film and anything Bill Zebub is putting out, I am starting to witness a new stage in indie film making. Offend at all costs and pass it as art. I love to be shocked and taken out of my element in film, and this film did both very well. If you can get over the bad animation, you would more than likely either love this film or be so offended, that you would go to church and tell the world you have sinned and hold up the dvd at the altar. This is not your parents cartoon. Unless they are a fucking Charles Manson or they are in the same neighborhood.
Onto the disc itself: Unearthed did a home run with the goodies. It is presented in anamorphic widescreen with 5.1 sound, some of the extras include..
-Commentary with the director
-Deleted scenes
-A Short
And in the making of, you get to see Linnea Quigley do her voice over stuff for a few scenes.
7.5 out of 10