Movie Review-The Wicker Tree

Coming to dvd this tuesday

Plot- The Wicker Tree is about what happens when 2 young missionaries head to Scotland to spread the word of God. Upon arriving, they are initially charmed by the locals in the town of Tressock. They agree to become the local Queen of the May and Laddie for the annual town festival, and a holiday known as Mayday. On Mayday, the locals have other plans for our young couple.

Review-The original Wicker Man, is such a cult classic. In the last few years, we have seen a awful remake,and now a so so second story in the proposed trilogy. Am I the only person that just wish film would end this trend of remaking, and rebooting? They seem to take memories and films we hold deer, and make them a blue print as to what the future is about. Yesterday has become a safe full of ideas, just ready to change and alter and make money. How good is this film? Well that depends, on how much patience you have. While old school Wicker Man fans, will love the casting of Chrisopher Lee. They may lose their patience with the bad accents of lead actor Henry Garrett as Steve and Brittania Nicol as Beth. The Texas accents they were trying to get across sounded so fake and forced. It was badly comedic. And what is up with the purity rings? One of them cheats on the other, and the other has a music video called Trailer Trash Love. That was another thing about this film, that had me puzzled. It almost seemed to border on parody. From the singing numbers to just how over the top the characters were. This film would be the perfect film for a college film night that has an open bar. I think in a crowded theater, with die hard old school Wicker Man fans, would be a fun experience. I just would love to see their reactions to certain parts of this film. This Tree just seemed to lose its focus in the story aspect of this film. If a scene did not seem to feel right, why not throw in a nudity shot or sexual situation. Honeysuckle Weeks as Lolly, a gorgeous temptress, was the best casting of the whole film. She was the only character that seemed to have some kind of purpose in all this overacting and just bland storytelling. I absolutely was bored by the first hour and 5 minutes of this film. To see the two main characters in a church, with those bad texas accents was just so absurd and utterly ridiculous. But, the last 31 minutes of the film was the fun. This whole film is built around the climax paying off and the final scene really delivering an effect. And it did. So much so, that I rewatched the film knowing how it ends, to see if it changed my mind about the first 65 minutes. And, the sad thing is no. This film was still pretty hard to sit through.

I am a fan of the slow burn horror film, that has that finale that makes it all worth it. And, this film has that, but it was just not enough for the negatives of this film. This film takes so much time trying to establish the characters and show that they are not the christians we would think they are, that it misses some great opportunities to build suspense or thrills. That is the main thing this film lacked, structure. It just seemed like a buffet of all these ideas, all crammed together, and forced to try and work. If you are a fan of the original Wicker Man, I am not too sure if you would like this film. If you were a fan of the remake of The Wicker Man, this may be a top ten film for you.

5 out of 10