Movie Review-The Theatre Bizarre

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Plot-The Theatre Bizarre is an anthology with 7 shorts from directors like Tom Savini, Buddy Giovinazzo ( Combat Shock), Karim Hussain ( Subconscious Cruelty), Jeremy Kasten ( Attic Expeditions, Wizard of Gore), Richard Stanley ( Hardware, Dust Devil) and a few up and comers Douglas Buck, and David Gregory. The film centers around Enola Penny. She sees this long abandoned theatre in her neighborhood and sneaks in one night. She goes thru the slightly opened door to a dark and seedy auditorium. Once she is told to be seated by a human puppet with the name Peg Poett, she will be introduced to 6 tales of the bizarre. The stories range from a couple traveling in a remote part of the French Pyrenees who cross paths with a lust witch.. A paranoid lover faces the wrath of a partner who has been pushed to her limits.. The fucked up dreams of an unfaithful husband blur the lines between fantasy and reality with Debbie Rochon starring… The horrors of the real world are going through the mind of a child when she witnesses a motorcycle accident with a deer…. A woman addicted to other people’s memories gets her fix through the fluid of her victims’ eyeballs… And a perverse obsession with sweets turns sour for a couple in too deep. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been warned this is definitely the Theater of Bizarre.

Review-In 2011, when word first broke about this film. I have to admit, my expectations were high. I am a huge fan of some of the directors, and know what they bring to the table. But, the shock was I was never that big of a Savini fan going into this, and by far if his short Wet Dreams was not the best of all the shorts. Wet Dreams stars Debbie Rochon and Tom Savini. It is basically a tale about a man who is abusive to his wife. He goes to see a doctor when he keeps having these dreams that go from hitting his wife and breaking her nose, to his wife serving him his own penis in a breakfast plate. The doctor informs Donnie that he needs to close his eyes and count to 3, and then open them. And he can separate the dream from reality better. This is just brutal, gore hounds will salivate and praise Tom Savini to the moon. And, women will as well, there is a fuck you ending to this that women will sit there and cheer and men will be like scared to death to ever raise their voices to them again. The last short was called Sweets and it was my second favorite. Directed by David Gregory. This is so odd, that the film Theatre Bizarre, I felt was named for this one more than the others. Greg and Estelle are going thru a break up I guess, Greg is so heartbroken, that Estelle has turned so cold to him. And thru his thoughts of her and their time together, we see some of the most odd obsessions with sweets, I have ever seen before. It is almost to the point this short is too fucked up to even recommend it. There are some scenes in this short that I will not spoil, but they are really sick. Not in a gore sort of way, but just so truly odd. From a guy having a tube hooked up to his mouth and being force fed chocolate to the point of puking and then eating the puke and doing it again. To a ending that was so off the wall, that it worked and will get people’s attention. Thank god I held out on not giving away some scenes..could not help it sorry, it is just awesome. Puts new meaning to the Last Supper. Vision Stains is also a favorite. Directed by someone I have a ton of respect for Karim Hussain. For you fans who hated Subconscious Cruelty, you will hate this as well. But, for the millions who loved it and still talk about it, you will dig this one. Told thru a female narrator, The writer steals the liquid out of people’s eyes so that she can keep their memories and write them all down. For all you Fulci fans, who loved that slow plunge into eye gouging, you will love this as well. This is almost so graphic it is unwatchable. And the ending to this short is truly a battle between sanity and the subconscious. Those were the ones I liked a lot. Mother of Toads which is from Richard Stanley. Tries so hard to be a cool throwback to yesteryear sci fi and horror…and it just falls between average and tales from the darkside lite. The last 5 minutes tries to save it. And I did get into the last 5 minutes, but this was just so so.

I love you was odd. To me, it did not fit on this at all. But, that being said, it was not bad for what it just did not amount out to much. It is about an obsessed lover whose wife has been unfaithful and he does not want her to leave. It is a case of some sick dependency issues that goes thru some weird sex scenes and very obscure bloody visions that felt like they were aiming to be more odd than entertaining and a ending that does not quite equal up or make total sense, The Accident is all about a mom and daughter driving around and the daughter asks mom all these life questions after they witness a motorcycle hit a deer. It is supposed to be thought inducing, but I was just not thrilled by it. I mean, we all know as kids we ask our parents all these questions and our parents tell us what they think we need to hear at that age to get us thru. Plus you look at the Savini short, and Karim..this just felt again like it was out of place. Jeremy Kastan, created the intermission scenes in The theatre, and that stuff was not only haunting but very cool. I enjoyed the set up for each story as told thru the eyes of the puppeteer and his subjects.

There is more than enough to recommend on here. The Theatre Bizarre is the kick in the balls, Hollywood has needed for so long. This is Creepshow’s perverted and sick cousin, here to change what you think anthologies are supposed to be about. This film needs to be witnessed, and esp. if you are one of those who thinks you have seen it all. This film is odd, dark, perverse and graphic. This film will have your attention and you thinking about it long after the curtains fold and the theatre is closed.

8.5 out of 10