Movie Review-The Terror Experiment

Coming to dvd and blu ray April 10th

Tag Line-Terror is Contagious…

Plot-After a disgruntled veteran unleashes a virus in an office building, in order to expose a government secret, things don’t go as planned. ( do they ever) A group of uninfected survivors try to escape a quarantined building and get to safety before it’s too late. Starring Judd Nelson, Robert Carradine, C. Thomas Howell and Jason London. Yes, Robert Carradine from Revenge of the Nerds. Anthony Edwards and Curtis Armstrong are going to star in Terror Experiment 2-Zombies in Paradise. ( the joke sounded funny when I told it to my cat earlier)

Review-If you are familiar with these SyFy channel made for tv original films, and also the films like this, that while not offically a Syfy tv film could play on the network without no one knowing the difference. You may know what you are getting into, with this film. The sad thing is the first minutes of the film started so promising. We learn there is a airborne agent that, has been released on this federal building. This fog like gas changes people into these aggressive paranoid zombie like monsters. Get this though, these zombies can shoot guns, talk, appear to be human and they can climb. The first few minutes of the film, show this massive outbreak and everyone being attacked. Then, it shows us how we came to that. Cale is the main character, he works on the 10th floor. We learn his daughter, is on the 6th floor, as is his ex wife. Of course laying the scenario out for you like that, you can guess that later in the film, he will need to go get his daughter and ex wife. We also watch as this disgruntled veteran, wants to expose a secret this building, and the government has been hiding. He rigs the roof for an explosion, and also makes sure that the agent is set free, to infect everyone and then blow up the building. The agent is set free and the 6th floor all the way to the basement is affected. So somehow this agent cannot make it up to the 10th floor. They claim that if you are exposed to this, you will change. But, there were a few scenes that some of the main characters were sort of running thru affected areas and they were not changing. C Thomas Howell playing the same role he did in almost every indie film in the last 15 years. He is the do gooder police man, who wants to stop and expose this evil and find out why this situation, is the way it is. He looked like the love child of Fire Marhsall Bill and John Waters. Judd Nelson plays Agent Wilson who knows more then he is letting on. I wont even start about how bland the portrayals of both characters were. The zombies looked cool, and there were some cool looking kills. The explosion on the roof that happens mid way, looked like a parody from SNL. It was just so silly for the wrong reasons.

I understand trying to sell the dire of the situation. But, all the references to 9/11 were sort of unneccesary. They decided that they had to hit the point home many times about how bad the situation is, so throw in a lot of how 9/11 was not nearly this bad, sort of made this film seem more insulting than powerful. For someone who has the resume that George Mendeluk has, it seemed like a cheap shot. Why take a zombie outbreak film, into a paranoid idiotic spin doctoring session of accusations and comments of 9/11? People still are recovering from this. And this film, made it seem that America has forgot all about how bad the tragedy was, and think this isolated incident can cause more shock then the towers falling down. Maybe I am reading too much into this film. All I really know is that the 9/11 talk irritated me. If this film did not have it, I think it would have been a little less irritating. Not much, but a little. This is paint by the numbers film making. You can close your eyes to any situation I start with, and tell me how it ends, and you will be right. Of course, our divorced man in peril, will meet a woman in this outbreak and fall for her and she falls for him.

This film is the case of should have been. It should have been a lot better. What was the issues, they cannot blame the budget, they had 5 million dollars. They cannot blame the actors..they had ummmm…..well they could blame some of them. This film had a horrible script, bad delivery and almost a copy cat feel to the whole film. There is enough badness that if you are a fan of cheese films, you may have fun with some of this film. As a whole, bland concept, bland scipt equals bland film.

3 out of 10