Movie Review-The Innkeepers

Coming to dvd and blu ray this Tuesday

Plot-The latest from Ti West. During the final days at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, Claire, one of the last two employees, starts to see and experience disturbing things. As odd guests start to check in and out, a ghost of the 100 year old hotel may have surfaced. This may easily be one of the most anticipated dvd/ blu ray releases of 2012.

Review-Ti West make no mistake about it, is a great storyteller. He is really starting to come into his own in terms of creating a mood, and a suspense that are all his. I have heard comparisons to Hitchcock, which I will not go that far. Maybe a restrained M Night. If you are a fan of the Ti West who gave us The Roost and Cabin Fever 2, you may not like this film. If you are a fan of the Ti West who gave us House of the Devil. This film is screaming your name. Like House of the Devil, the most affecting part of this film is the soundtrack. Whereas the last film was heavily old school 80’s, where you felt like you were in a time warp. This time, you almost get the feeling, you are at a campfire being told a ghost story. Heavy on the dialogue, and characters. The Innskeepers plays to its strengths, which is the script and the actors. The camera work is really well done as well. The slow, winding shots make it seem as though you’re walking around the corner along with the characters on screen. The camera’s pace as it travels through the hotel’s hallways, make you feel like you’re walking it yourself. There are also several shots directly behind Luke or Claire that feel very videogame, like you are in the film with them. It’s just amazing work that’s really just as creative as 3D. Now, keep in mind if you have distractions ,and watching this film with a sun reflecting the tv screen. You will not get the full effect. You have to shut off the cell phone, turn the volume up loud and watch this in the dark. And, you will get the film Ti intended you to see.

The Innkeepers main fault is the pacing. Like House of the Devil, this film moves at a snail pace. And 70 percent of this film is dialogue based. While I did like the dialogue, I wanted to see more scares. Like House also, around the hour mark is when the dialogue takes a backseat to the scares. And make no mistake about it, this film has some very eerie cool scenes. One in particular, that involves Sara Paxton laying down, a blanket beside her rising. Kelly McGillis also co stars as a psychic, who Claire realizes was a actress she was a fan of. Kelly is another one of those actresses as of late, that seems to be making a comeback. Make no mistake about it, while Sara Paxton is clearly the star of this film, Kelly deserves just as much credit. I know people are going to be mad, that I did not go more in detail about Kelly or the characters more than I did. This film is a giant spoiler, and the more I go on about the plot, and who the characters are and what they are up to, it will ruin the film.

With this film, it just felt there were so many unanswered questions. So many, that I had to rewatch the film again, with the commentary of the stars and Ti West, to see if they would shed some light on them. Needless to say, they did not. To me, Ti West falls almost into a M Night category, where his films have just as many flaws as they do positives. I am not officially on the Ti West bandwagon yet, but I know he is holding a full load right now and a lot of people, love the man and his films. I was a fan of The Roost. I liked Cabin Fever 2 somewhat, till it gave us that awful ending. ( and then The Final Destination decided also to give us that ending right after). House of the Devil along with this film, I see the appeal, and I love a good scare film. I just hate one that has to take so long to get going. The film had a lot of positives, and many negatives. This film will probably sell a million copies on Tuesday, and deserves it. This film boasts 2 commentaries, and the one I was listening to, the second time I watched this film was fun. All in all, if you are on the bandwagon, you will eat this up and go tell the planet how awesome it is. And, if you are on the fence like me, you will appreciate the film for what it was but wish it offered a lot more.

7.5 out of 10