Movie Review-Night Wolf

Coming to dvd April 24th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Plot-From director Jonathan Glendening, who gave us Strippers vs Werewolves. Sarah returns home from America to see her family again. As a storm rages through the countryside, they soon find themselves without power. The 6 of them go next door to Sarah’s family mansion. Once inside, they soon discover a creature is also in this house and stalking them. The dvd box says from a producer of Dog Soldiers.

Review-Obviously the Dog Soldiers alum, took Neil Marshall resume and gave us quite a few scenes in the upstairs attic that could be a blatant rip off of the Descent. This film is bad. The cover creature on the dvd box, looked different in film, a lot different. Well for the 2 minutes total you get to see him. And, for the record, it was never visible outside. You do not get to see the ” Night Wolf” I presume the creature is called till the final 10 minutes. By that point, you either lost interest or you fell asleep. The characters added nothing to this film, it was like watching a dinner troupe recite every trapped being hunted, in the house horror film in the last 10 years. The script or lack of one, was not even the issue. It was the material. There are some ok attack scenes here and there, but you do not get to see the attack, you get to see the result. This film also gives you a twist. You know it has to. That is just so absurd and horrible, that it made you hate the film even more. The twist is also so odd, that I wondered how could it have happened, it makes no sense. Of course, they are being attacked in a house and there is always time when you are hiding to have sex. ( why do people feel the need to have to be quiet and hide, until it comes time to make out, then you can just make all the noise you want and be in the open) The first 30 minutes of this film was so boring, and bad, that you almost want to give up there. I personally was out to see this ” Night Wolf”. I did not care enough about any of the characters to worry about who will die and why. They all seemed so bland and just over the top, that you want to see them all suffer. I am suffering, why not let them join me. Of course, one gets free long enough to call the police. The Police guy comes with a hunter to try and stop this creature. Now, they built this scene up for 25 minutes. They are making this drive and expect this to be a hoax. When they get there, the payoff to a overwritten and 25 minute build, ended in 7 seconds. Look at the dvd box art, you sort of know what you are going to be getting into here almost. This film in terms of the twist, seems like it owed a lot to Splice as well, with a certain scene that was supposed to be shocking. I have to know, who thought up this film? And how did it get greenlit? No special features, except a trailer reel which gave us Hyenas. I am starting to see a trend with these low budget monster films that Lionsgate is putting out. Even if you are a fan of bad films, like I am, I will admit. This film is not even bad, you can watch it once. It is bad, that you will hate yourself when you are done watching it. I should have shut it off, to see how this film ended up and what they gave me in terms of entertainment…I was angry. Again, for a film that goes almost 90 minutes, I can recommend, maybe 10 minutes of it. Maybe even less than that.

1 out of 10

  • You saved me from wasting 90 minutes. Thanks. Sucks…i was hoping this was as good as I remembered Dog Soldiers to be. Bummer!