Movie Review – Naked Horror

Naked Horror is a film that lives up to it’s title. A lot of naked and a lot of horrific imagery. Priya (Angela Tropea) turns to a website, Naked Horror, for help with her terrifying nightmares that are slowly slipping into her reality. Several others are having the same dreams. All of which includes misery, pain, and violence. Priya used her genius detective skills to figure this one out. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s a dream. I feel like the film is one giant nightmare with some serious WTF moments. Some shot in black and white. There’s some crafty camera work and interesting locations. There’s not much to the special effects. I could have gone without the glowing red eyes but the rest of the mystical electricity was nicely done. Is this film scary? Nope. Not in the least. But it’s definitely creative with a lot of heart. Is there anything like it? I don’t believe so.

Angela Tropea was naked throughout the entire film. How is it that I have never heard of this actress? Naked Horror and the video short were the only films she starred in. She also co-wrote the flick with Carlo Rodriguez, who is the director. After seeing her performance, I feel it’s my duty to let the rest of the world know about this mystery woman’s talents. Watch out women in horror, Angela is about to take over. She delivers a fine performance as her cries for help and sanity are convincing. She sulks in the bath tub while hearing voices that tell her to kill herself. Screaming, “Fucking bitch! Bleed! Bleed! Bleed!” I always find wrist cutting scenes hard to watch. She’s hysterical and desperate for release. This is in between her looking like a sexy dominatrix, cracking her whip. One has to wonder, does this girl have any friends or a boyfriend? I find it hard to believe a girl that hot is all alone.

The website Naked Horror features several video blog entries of various dream stories and how it has effected the lives of these victims. We see clips of Lloyd Kauffman describing his haunting dreams with his film posters in the back ground, nice touch. There’s an older alcoholic woman screaming at her web camera with cleavage showing the entire time. This woman is off her rocker and I am honestly tired of hearing her psychotic rants. I feel sorry for the red head going on about catch 22 and if she’s actually crazy or not. I couldn’t help but wonder if any of them also spend their entire dreams nude or if it’s just Priya.

A memorable WTF dream moment would be when Priya sees a painted cross on a tiled wall with an older, half-naked man against the cross and reaching out to her. The editing is actually nothing short of spectacular. What’s with all the crucifixion references? There’s a Baptism in blood later on too. Perhaps religion plays a big role or it is merely coincidental.  The old man urinates into a plastic measuring cup. A younger man with bloody palms is letting his blood mix in with his urine. Then the old man anoints him with the piss, blood concoction. A naked woman is on the floor surrounded by candles and blood continues to drip all over her. Dream ends. I thought I had messed up dreams. I have never dreamed about piss and blood anointing people. What does it all mean?

In another dream she is tied to a chair and naked women with interesting facial make up are “hissing” at her. They pop up doing Egyptian poses which made me laugh a little. They are also wearing what looks like stripper jewelry on their body and they shave their naughty parts. It may just be one woman portraying all three. She proceeds to rub glitter all over Priya and gives her a sexy dance. Okay Carlo, did you hire a stripper for this role? All signs point to stripper. I am confused when it comes to the ‘ghost’ played by Anna Elisabeth. She is also naked throughout the entire film. Her face is decaying but the rest of her body appears to be in shape with no decaying. It may be possible that they wanted to use some make-up effects or ‘scares’ because I don’t understand why her face would be decaying but the rest of her body isn’t.

Priya takes a trip to a trail she keeps dreaming about with a camera and her running gear. Sports bra and all. After black and white flashes of people screaming, she comes across a mystical marble pyramid with a cross that feels like water. She looks into the camera and says, “Fuck it, I’m going in.” I am not exactly sure what the hell I just saw. You will have to make up your own mind on that ending. Are there answers waiting for her in this pyramid or has she been dreaming the entire time?

Carlo Rodriguez has been a busy man with six director titles in four years; Long Pig, Psycho Killer Attack, Psycho Killer Bloodbath, Maniac Blood, Naked Horror video short, and Naked Horror. I am happy I had the opportunity to check out his work because he’s a very devoted fan of the genre that has managed to keep me intrigued. I want to see more. Special features on the disc include a music video of “I’n Not Alright” by Among the Silence, slideshows, DVD credits, and trailers for more films by “Gothic Films.”