Movie Review-Mother’s Day

Coming to dvd and blu ray combo pack May 8th

Just in time for the last minute Mother’s day present

Plot-After a bank robbery gone wrong, three brothers go to their childhood home to hideaway. Only to realize that their mom lost the home in foreclosure. The new owners and their party guests become the brothers’ hostages. Soon, good old mom arrives and things for the hostages, go from bad to worst.She is out to teach all these life lessons, in the only way she knows how-violence and gore. And on top of that, it seems the mother was being sent money, and never got any of it. She is out to find who has her money. This is from Darren Lynn Bousman, who was responsible for some little indie films that you may have heard of like Saw II, III and IV, and some opera called Repo. Those little small films…

Review-God do I miss Rebecca De Mornay. Talk about brilliant casting. This is indeed her strongest work since Hand that Rocks the Cradle. Hollywood misses out not casting her in more films, playing this sadistic almost sympathetic character. She has such a calm, that when she just gives a look, you just know some shit is about to go down. Brilliant casting choice. Last year, I spit on your grave ( which is also released from Anchor Bay) had the same uphill battle. You take a film that many fans love the original so much, that you know, to try and give a shot by shot depiction would be a fail. So, they use some elements from the original, and just make it more violent and gore based. And Anchor Bay, knows that fans will still hail the original as the better, but will give the remake some props, for going outside the box, and trying to out violent the original. While the original has the better story by far, this has the better mother, and the better kills and gore. Where the original was more comic based at times, and had heavy tones of rape. This film is more of a gore fest, with more abuse to women and less rape. Bousman has no filter for his style of film. He either goes overboard, or does not do it at all. There is no less gore. And fans applaud what his resume has kicked out so far. I would like to see Darren grow more as a director, and spread his wings. I am not talking about that awful 11-11-11 sell out film. I am talking about just having a filter, tell him that you know you are still a gore director and genre fave, if you scale back a little in terms of giving more characters a chance to shine, or maybe see how the story will play out, fans will not hate you and might embrace you more. He is one of the few directors, that if you see his name, you almost know what to expect. In the first five minutes there will be a vicious and violent kill, and then build the story for a few scenes and then just go overboard. I am not bitching, that mood fits the film, but I would like to see him surprise us every now and then.

Jaime King playing Beth, one of the home owners just felt flat. And Frank as Daniel, the other home owner, was just as bad. When their secrets started to play out, it just felt so desperate. Ok, you are not getting into the characters and buying into this struggle, why not throw this in and that in. Jaime King is one of those actresses that if she is really into the character you can see it on the screen, and if she is phoning it in, you can also see it as well. This one she was seriously phoning it in. When you are cheering the villians more than the victims, you know you should have re-thought the script and situations, and how they will play out. The brothers were very believable, and compared to the victims. The brothers all shined in their roles. There were a few scenes in the film, I felt were genius. Like the two young girls at the ATM. Addley’s character felt a little watered down, compared to the original film. I felt he should have been able to hit that gas, it felt in his performance like he was holding back. Almost controlled chaos. And, Johnny being shot and looking like Edward Cullen did not bother me so much. Rebecca De Mornay, really carried this film. She used her old school sex appeal to get the message across. If horror films ever had an oscar ballot, she would be the front runner for best actress. The film while fun at times, I felt was much longer than it needed to be. Maybe chop the film by 15 minutes, and it would packed more of a punch. Now, that being said, you know with home invasion films as of late, the scenarios. Someone will escape, someone will be driven by a invader to go to ATM and get money. And, you know how those scenes will play out. I was praying through- out this film, that they would throw a monkey wrench in the normal. Needless to say, they did not. So predictablity aside, if you like the formula, you will love it here as well.

The dvd/blu ray combo pack is bare bones. There are no special features, or even a trailer. You get the film, the chapter lists and languages. Talk about a missed opportunity. I would love to hear a interview with Rebecca. Or what about a director commentary?

As a whole, I had fun with this film. But, I expected it to be so much more. Though, Rebecca proved in this film, she still has it. Hollywood shame on you. I have heard about the Carrie remake, what about Rebecca playing Carrie’s mom?

8 out of 10