Movie Review-Masters of Terror Volume 1

Plot-Echo Bridge has assembled a Masters of Terror collection. Included are 8 films, that for the price of the dvd alone, may be well worth the buy. But, what about the films themselves? Quality and quantity are top notch, but then again, Echo Bridge are the gorehound and horror fan wetdream. Included are a few of the films offered in this dvd, to help you with that extra money that is in your pocket wanting to come out.

1.Children of the Corn-Urban Harvest. From 1984 to 1995, we had three Children of the Corn films. To me that felt like overkill. The concept was pretty much a one film deal. How even today, we are still graced with films about Corn and Children is beyond me. Director D.R. Hickox, I have a deep dislike for. He was the visionary behind one of the worst films, I ever witnessed in my life called Blood Surf. For that crime alone, he should have his S.A.G card revoked, and be beaten with a bull dick. The plot of this film is about two young Gatlin residents who are orphaned after the younger brother kills their father. So, the terror of Gatlin re-emerges, when the two boys are placed in the custody of two foster parents. So basically the concept of the first film is altered, and this film’s concept just comes across as so odd, that this film almost worked. I love thinking outside the lines of contemporary sequels. But, this film had the pacing of a snail and when the gore, which is not over the top and smart, starts to happen, that it is an afterthought. I mean, I love films that have to explain plots, and establish characters, but to have them go around in circles so much, and not really get anything meaty, to keep our attention or focus, then why even go that route at all? For a film like this to work, it has to be a all or nothing situation. Either make the characters and concept interesting and captivating or just give us so much gore we will go numb. Still, not really a bad effort..maybe a misunderstood one.Though, Blood Surf is still the worst film ever in history.

5 out of 10

2.They-A psychology student who experiences these co called “night terrors” as a child must face the truth, that her nightmares were not all in her head. And when she finds others who shared similar experiences, together they discover the most frightening truth of all.
As a whole, this film just felt so uninspired. They really never go into detail as to who or what the so called ” They” are, but want you to buy into this story. We all have children fears of the dark, under your bed and etc..but how many films just take that simple premise and make it work? To my knowledge one out of every 30. As a whole, this is one of those Wes Craven present films, that pop up monthly and you know what to expect. ( My Soul to take for instance) I would say skip it as a whole, but who knows..just because I dislike something, you may like it. Hell knows, I hate all things Paranormal Activity and Avatar and they made billions. What do I know?

3.5 out of 10

3.The Crow-Wicked Prayer-I think we are all pretty familiar with the crow storyline. Just add Tara Reid, Danny Trejo, Edward Furlong. Dennis Hopper and Angel.
This film felt like a train wreck. Edward Furlong as an ex con was believable in a few films, but in this film, it was like he just did not care. And no wonder, if you have Tara Reid on set, you know serious acting and caring about a film is out the window. I would recommend seeing this for anyone who wants to see how bad a Crow film could be. When you think Crow at least give us a good soundtrack to work with. This film was just a huge fail all the way around. Edward Furlong as the Crow is as believable as McLovin playing Dexter Morgan.

2 out of 10

4.The Hole-6 prep school kids decide to bail on their scheduled weekend field trip and hide in a long-abandoned bomb shelter, expecting to party and hang out. But someone locks them in.
Thora Birch must be kicking herself. Ghost World was supposed to be the vehicle to push her to leading lady status, and it pushed Scarlet Johansen instead. That has become the tale of Thora Birch. American Beauty, she stole the film, Ghost World, she stole the film. Limp Bizkit video for Eat you alive, ummmm…..drop your agent. This film was long shelved because the studio did not believe in it. But, a weird thing happened, a rumor broke out that Keira Knightly has a topless scene in it, and she was underage. The second that news broke, this dvd was released within seconds. This film just felt like it was missing that something to make it really good. Thora Birch, and the cast..did the best they could do with that script. My issue is this film felt more like a hangout with friends, then it did a tension filled suspense film. No worry, Thora would still be getting those indie roles and developing her skills. And again, this time, Keira would steal the glory from Thora. This was better than Train. Was there anyone who became a star at Thora’s expense in Train?

3 out of 10

You get the feeling, also included are Mortuary, Nameless, Helter Skelter and Tales from the Crypt present Ritual.