Movie Review-Lost Woods

Plot-Only in the Pacific Northwest, can a fun camping trip turn out to be a fight for survival. 5 people go on a camping trip, and encounter a beast that could either be a Sasquatch or a yeti. Think Blair Witch meets Congo with a costume head that looks like it came out of Death Note.

Review-First time directors Nathan and Phillip Ellering deserve a lot of credit. They star, directed, and produced this film. For anything negative, I am going to say. There are a lot of positive things, I will say as well. The first 35 minutes of the film, felt like a very bad Blair Witch wanna be, meets just whatever they can throw on the wall of film, and make it stick. It just seemed like failed idea after failed idea. They go from bad background music, (that sounded like generic pop 101) to boring characters. This film has the most uninteresting campfire scene, I have witnessed in a very long time. It felt like they were trying to feed each other lines. This group seemed very inspired by Broken Lizard. From the way the characters looked, to the way they were portrayed. Like a scene where the 4 guys are peeing and they are singing a quartet while doing it. Or in the middle of the afternoon, the female wanted to go to bed for the night. And the way she acted, you would think that she thought it was midnight. From George and his redneck mullet that was supposed to be campy, but came across as boring, to the only female character, who just came across as so bland and uninspired. And nerdy Darrin and this awkward speech about his mother dying and making it sound so sad, now I have no problem when the script takes this kind of direction if it serves a purpose. But, you just feel like, they are trying to pile the emotion on, and it just fails, when you could care less about the characters and want to see the monster.

Around the 35 to 40 minute mark, is when this creature finally appears. This is when this film starts to get a little bit better. It seemed though, like they had no faith in this creature that they waited so long to bring it out. And that is sad, because the stuff with it, was really fun and the costume was really not that bad. It was in a vein of Predator meets any Bigfoot film. The kills were not too bad, even some of the CGI was not too bad. Though, they did say the creature could only hear but was blind, which makes the scene where he is flying across the mountain to get to the other side to kill someone sort of odd. I liked the creature, and thank god, that the dialogue and characters trying to act, was down to a bare minimum. A film like this, we do not need 30 minutes of nonsense. We want to see the creature and we want to see it do some killing.
This film requires patience. If you can tolerate the first 35 minutes, you may like what the next part offers you. I am just not sure who could tolerate it. And I think most people will be so turned off by this film, that they would not let the last part entertain them. They say it takes a lifetime to make your first film. So give them some slack, and try the film. Who knows, you may like the first half more than I did. As a whole, I have seen better and lord knows when it comes to these kind of films there has been a ton a lot worst. For way bigger budgets with major stars.

5 out of 10