Movie Review-Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass

Plot-John Glass wakes up one day, alone in a pod which is in a abandoned barn. He is informed that our planet has been devastated. He learns that in order to reestablish a livable atmosphere for what’s left of humanity, he’ll have to go on a solitary mission to retrieve important codes dispersed in remote locations. With his GPS, he goes thru the hellacious acres and has to avoid the aliens. This is the latest effort from Bloody Disgusting and The Collective.

Review-I applaud the Bloody Disgusting/Collective team. It seems like each film they release is radically different from the last. So, if you have watched The Pack, The Woman, or Chop as of late, you know what I mean. Now, that being said, this film is quite possibly one of the most bizarre films, I have witnessed in a long time. This film seemed like a post apocalyptic first person video game. John usually has to rely on his arm band which has a GPS and his assignments. It looks like a PSP. He uses a keyboard, which was meant to make us feel like we were typing for him. Cool concept. Points off the bat for originality. A lot of people will see the BD label and think this is going to be a horror film, and they will be letdown. This is an experimental sci fi film. I love the feel of this film. I also really thought the sound and locations, worked. I loved how the voice over worked with the soundtrack. The biggest thing that I loved about this movie, is the odd sense of humor, that is put throughout the film that usually arises out of bizarre situations. John Glass spends the whole film almost on his own, you get a few scenes with the cloud-ghost like aliens, and a few scenes here and there that you know John may not be so alone. Where he discovers survivors.

This film is very smart and in the same breath, adventurous. Like a scene, ( that for me was one of the highlights) he is being chased by aliens, and needs an escape. Where most directors would just whip something up, Pat really put a lot of thought in this situation, and made us feel the uncertainty and try to help him find a way out. Almost like we had a controller. And how he feeds himself with the vacuum tube was really creative. Which leads to a very gross scene, later in the film. And how did he find a cigarette and matches on such a desolate planet? This film, scene to scene, has such a uncertainity, that it kept your intrest because you had to see how this film would play out. And kudos for not hollywood-ing the ending. It gave us the right ending.

The negatives, the film was basically 80 percent communication with him and a female recorded voice, I think they should have incorporated subtitles. I mean they both speak english, it is just at time her tone is so low and her words almost sound alike in a few scenes. That I thought subtitles could help out. My other negative is that the Bloody Disgusting label is on this film. Now, I am not hating on them. Their selects have produced more hits than misses. I love what they do, and they have a great thing going with these selects, but this film will be labeled a horror film, because of this partnership, and it may lose its core following or piss off the BD core audience. This film has zero horror elements, and is a slow paced spoken word trek across a wasteland, almost in the vein of A Boy and his Dog. Hunter/Prey is the other example of a sci fi that could have been very big for a indie company, but people associated that label with horror and no one noticed that film. And like John Glass, that is sad. John Glass would be a great art house midnight movie.

Would people get into this film? It depends, how patient you are. This is a very odd, catering to a very unique movie fan film. I think Pat Tremblay’s real test is what he can follow this film up. I am excited, and cannot wait. I think the film was fun. Though, this film is not for everyone. If you like smart, dark comedy little sci fi films..this may be a good rental or purchase for you.

7.5 out of 10