Movie Review-Enter Nowhere

Coming to dvd this tuesday from Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Plot-2 women and one guy arrive, one by one at a mysterious cabin in the middle of nowhere. Come to find out, the three of them all think they are in a different state, and a different year. What brought them all together? This is directed by Jack Heller, who produced the last few Stone Cold Steve Austin direct to dvd fares.

Review-The film starts off with Jody and her husband Kevin robbing a gas station. As she is about to pull the trigger and kill the gas station employee, we witness Samantha who is walking thru the woods. We learn Samantha and her husband ran out of gas. She discovers this little cabin in the woods, and decides to go inside looking for something to eat. Well, she meets Tom, who had a accident a little further up the same road. Together they are trying to stay warm and find a way back to the highway to get some help. Then, the gas station robber, Jody enters the picture. The first 30 minutes of this film is a feeling out. Almost like a puzzle is being thrown on a table with these characters, and you are going to have to figure it out. They soon learn, they are not really sure where they are at or what year it is. At this point, the film takes a twilight zone approach. They soon discover a german war bunker when they are trying to find the highway they all broke down on. That is when they soon discover they have something all in common. The acting in this film was ok. Whereas most films with this plot, would be so overacted, that it would try too hard to sell you on the plot.

This film, just let all the peices fall into place, without really having to go overboard on the characters and the reactions, when they start to find things out. My fault with this film is the pacing. The first 45 minutes are all dialogue. If you are into the story and the characters, you could overlook the slowness of the story. I just felt that they gave us way too much dialogue, and very little in terms of action. Now, the last half is when the reveal is told to you, and you get some fight scenes and also something that just seemed even for this film, reaching too much. They give you a second twist. I know films like this are supposed to shock or surprise us, but why do all these films feel the need to give us a shock we can more than likely buy into, then a second one that you just know someone behind the scenes rolled their eyes at. If you like films like Identity, this film will more than likely be worth a rental. Films like Seven and Sixth Sense, really made a bigger impact on smaller films then it did on fans. It seems like almost 80 percent of films these days, have to have that twist ending or shock situation. That films seem meaningless and directionless, if they are not shocking in terms of the twist or something that they think outsmarts us. I am a fan of most of these kinds of films, but it does get a little irritating that film makers have to resort to tricks that have been done to death, and cannot think of something creative. On that comment though, this film is not too bad and one of the twists, is sort of creative. I know a lot of people will watch this and have a good time with it. Like I said earlier, it is worth the rental. As a whole, I wish this film would have been faster paced and maybe more action or at least suspenseful in certain long stretches.It was not boring, but it just felt like some scenes were missed opportunities. I would watch it again. It felt like a episode of Lost with a Twilight Zone theme.

7 out of 10