Movie Review-The Double Hour (La Doppia Ora)

Plot-A chambermaid and an ex-cop meet at a speed dating event and a romance develops. But during a romantic getaway things suddenly take a dark turn. Sonia’s past starts to surface, and her reality starts to leave. How was this film not on the Oscar Ballot last year for best foreign film?

Review-Hitchcock would be proud. This film is edge of your seat, you wont believe the turns this offers or the ending type of film. In the first few minutes, you think you know how this film will turn out. But, you will be wrong. This film was interesting from first shot to last. This is that film that each second and scene means something. Each frame of this film, seemed to tell its own story. This film covers a lot of genres while not staying faithful to it for too long. A twisted thriller, a romance, and a character study of two lonely souls who find what they are looking for, or so they think, in each other. This film also poses the question, how well do we know someone. The script was smart, and it keeps the audience in the palm of its’ hand till the last shot of the film. This film was wonderfully acted. The two main characters Sonia and Guido were captivating and you truly felt connected to them thru the whole film. The emotional scenes were just wonderfully scripted and presented. Not in some Hollywood bs trype of way to pull your heartstrings. This was truly moving. This film asks a lot of questions to the viewer, and leaves a lot of them unanswered for us to debate them. One of them being about trust. As I said earlier, how much do you truly know the person you are involved with. This film has a few twists that really were brilliant.

Kseniya Rappoport won the Best Actress award in the 2009 Venice Film Festival for the character of Sonia. I wish there was more I could tell you about the film in this review, but this film is a giant spoiler. I do not want to ruin this film, for anyone who is planning to watch it. All I will say is that this is a great film that you may want to shut off all the lights, and clear the house of any distractions and just let this film entertain you. Trust me, it will. This film would have been so amazing to see in a US art house with a crowd.

8.5 out of 10