Movie Review-Aversion

Plot-A private investigator gets more than he bargained for, when he is assigned to follow a woman, and starts to fall for her. Little does he know, this woman may not be what she seems. Are they ever?

Review-Talk about a total surprise. This is a great example of what is so fun about indie films these days. But, also in the same token, what is not so good about indie films as well. The first 20 minutes of this film asks a lot from its’ viewers. The characters and dialogue were atrocious and when you throw in the background music, it felt like you were about to watch porn, minus the nudity and sex. Now, if you toughen it out thru that first rocky patch, you will get a hour and 10 minutes that sort of delivers. I have yet to have a movie experience that lost my attention, and had me bored out of my mind, and rolling my eyes. Then to change the direction of the film, and end up kicking my ass and giving me an enjoyable time. To call the first 20 minutes of this film a slow burn would be sort of foolish. It was a stand still burn. When Alex ( the investigator) saves Claire from a suicide attempt, is when the film just threw out the first twenty minutes and really picked it up and went with it. Now, there is a awkward scene where Claire goes in for a kiss with Alex, and if you watch his facial expression, it was laugh out loud funny. I am not so sure that was the intention. When, it is discovered Claire is not what she seems, is when the film no longer felt like a male verison of Murder She Wrote and went into Evil Dead meets The Ring territory. This film delivered on the gore. And it looked very incredible considering the budget for the film. And the effects of her changing was really killer. I loved it a lot. Also, I love the throwback feel of this film. This is another one of those films that if you did not know better, you swear it was filmed in the 80’s. Though, there is a scene in the film, which involves a cell phone.

The film is basically told thru the eyes of Alex. In the last hour of this film, the mood and atmosphere, it felt like a cheaper version of Evil Dead. From the bad sound effects to the really cool cheesy effects. You can see the inspiration all over this film. This film was more fun than it has any right to be. After the really bad start to this film, my only other negative would be, that this film should have been a little more tongue and cheek with the dialogue and characters towards the end. That maybe some humor here and there would have made some of the scenes stand out a little bit more. I have no problems with how the film ended, and I am all for it, if this is part of a continuing story. This is that film, you know will be discovered one night, on late night tv, and people are going to be asking, where has this film has been all their lives. I can picture a lot of horror fans overlooking the small negatives with this film and really enjoying this film. Andrew Roth, I am not sure if his personality fit this film. Melantha Blackthorne as Claire, did fit in this film. She was a cross between the 50’s evil being and Cheryl from Evil Dead.

This film to me had good intentions, and delivered on some of its promise. I would watch it again, and quite possibly would like it more with repeated viewings. If this is the start of a Aversion trilogy, I just hope they learned the lessons from part 1.

7 out of 10

  • Interesting review. Hopefully the actual remake of Evil Dead will be far superior.