Movie Review-Zaat (1971)

Plot-A mad scientist transforms himself into Zaat. A creature who seems to be half man, half catfish. It is 1971 and in Florida, there was a outbreak of walking catfish. ( I am not making this up) Well, a man bent on revenge, a ex nazi scientist wants to make his enemies pay. So he becomes the human catfish. Also, he is out to create a female Zaat. I guess they want to help populate the problem?

Review-The first 20 plus minutes of this film were all voice over. Very bad voice over. We spend around 4 minutes watching a grown man on voice over have a conversation with a fish. The dialogue in this film was awful. With a film like this, make it cheesy all the way and have fun or take away that element and just make a serious film. Why try to make a serious film with cheese costumes and dialogue, it kills the fun aspect of this film. The sherrif talks about this walking catfish outbreak, that all the fish like human flesh. Now, if this film focused on that a little more and threw us some fish attacking people, it would have been at least campy fun. I have to ask this question. When the dude is down to his boxers and about to go in the tank to transform, what was in the back of his boxers? And where was it, in the next scene? So he injects himself with this needle that draws no blood, or leaves any marks. When he became this Zaat creature, he looked like a special needs sea horse. And, someone tell me that before this film was released in 1971, that people screened it, or the director watched the final cut. This film seemed so incomplete, like the director threw away all hope and just wanted to make this film, to say he made a film. There were so many errors in this film. Like when the creature was under-water, you can tell some of the stuff was stock footage from national geographic. And, why not cover up the air tank under his costume a little better? And the scene with the cops taking that whole hippie musical gang to prison like the pied piper, and they are playing their song all the way to the cell. And the scene with a boat being attacked by Zaat. Ok, they are all in a boat fishing, and to see Zaat swimming under the boat, made it look like they were in the Atlantic Ocean around 30 miles deep. So when he tips over the boat and tries to attack the people, they are only up to their waists in water. This all seems funny and it was for the wrong reasons. The main character Kurt Leopold is so boring. He could not make anything seem fun or even exciting. Even the transformation scenes were so poorly executed. The special effects looked like they had a special at K Mart. Along with the Zaat costume with what looked like a algae thong. Wait till you see him working on that female Zaat. Oh wow, a dead body that you can see breathing. Which they did more than once with a few dead bodies. You could see the chest going up and down plain as day. All in all, why this is on blu ray is beyond me.

1 out of 10

  • david

    this movie is a real grade b gem. especially that monster costume. and that blonde that the monster captures. the various boob shots of her bikinied boobs as leopold tries to make her into his mate are incredible. and the bumblong sheriff and scientists who can’t seem to stop the monster; well, just grade be genius all around.