Movie Review-Wound

March 13th—Breaking Glass/Vicious Circle films…

I am supposed to sell you guys on this film. I wanted to ask for some help on this one. So I did my research. In 2010, Wound was my number one film of the year. Also in that same year, did you know Wound made over 30 top 10 lists of different critics and podcasts. In 2011, Wound made another 15 lists. 45 critics and podcasts are telling you guys this is a top ten film. If maybe one critic has recommended some things that may have not been your cup of coffee, how can you deny 45 different people teling you something is so memorable, it made their top ten lists. I know the headaches, heartaches, and fans demanding to see this..and now the film is seeing the light of day, trust me, this is a win for all the indie films out there, and also us cheerleading bloggers who know how fucking awesome this fucking film is…with no more further ado, this is my review of the cult classic that has become Wound.

OMG!!! What did I just watch? And how can I put this experience in words? I will say this, there are some things in this film, that I will not forget for a long while. One involving the two main characters Susan and her daughter Tanya, in masks also involving a guy in a mask and plastic wrap. The most fucked up and manipulating scenes I ever witnessed in any film. Then there is a castration scene, that would not be happy until it made you really think you are witnessing an actual and real one. It was the most realistic you could make it, without it really happening. The movie deals with Susan, who may or may not be suffering from mental illness. And it tackles a lot of subjects. Rape, Incest, Revenge, Death, Mind Control and just the flat out fear, of what is going to happen next to the characters. Tanya, the daughter was quite possibly the hottest female I have seen this year in any film. Then there is this Master John. He is a cross between a manipulative doctor and a twisted mental basket case himself. I have not seen a bad guy that really scared the fuck out of me this much since Hannibal Lecter. You never truly know what his motivation is, but you watch his methods of ummm..treatment, and you just know it will never end good for Susan. This is a modern day master and slave story, with such a sick twist to this relationship, that you really are not sure who is the true bad person after a while. There is a scene in the beginning with a counselor and Tanya, that you know by the tone and words being exchanged, if this truly is a movie for you. Susan, starts the movie normal enough, but within minutes you are thrown right into her world. She is a servant to Master John, and those scenes are so cruel. You feel for her. Or do you? You find out as the movie goes on she is no angel, and her past- it is ridden with a lot of guilt from things, she has done and decisions she made. The fucked up beauty of this film, David lets you live them all out with her. This film is no horror film in the terms of a Jigsaw, or Freddy Kruger, its a horror film in the feeling of, they wont do this scene, OK they did it, he wont take it further. Oh man he did. This film is shocking, controversial, sick, depressing, and cruel. I loved it all. I don’t know who is worst. David Blyth for creating this film, or for me loving it so much. This is no art film, or a statement movie. This is pure “how could this end good” nightmare. Its a manipulative, sad and very challenging movie, to make you feel and react. By the end of this weird as fuck roller coaster of human emotion and pure insanity, you will either be a fan and claiming to see where horror needs to be heading or hating it and going back to watch Scream 15 and eating it up. This is the film for all those people who think they have seen it all, well here it is. You truly have not seen it all until you get to the end of this film. Welcome to Wound, you are welcome.

10 out of 10

This is one of the best film of the last decade.

PS…Thank you David Blyth for putting me on the NZ dvd cover with my quote….