Movie Review-Urbanized

Plot- From director Gary Hustwit, the third in his trilogy of design films. ( Helvetica and Objectified were the other two) This documentary is a look at how urban design across the globe is shaping the future of our cities.

Review-Having never seen his other two, I will be the first to say, I found this film fascinating but at the same time long winded in its approach. This film covers topics like overcrowding, funding and the economy, to structure and city beauty, plans and layouts, to public transportation, to the safety of the public and communities, to the environmental impact it causes. Each topic is presented in a different city with people from that specific city. Whether it is some city figure, activist or public speaker they contribute to whatever the discussion may be at that point in this doc. If you have a interest in local politics, this film seems to talk a lot about that in heavy detail. This film briefly touches on public concerns and functional needs. These are topics, that should have been more addressed by certain local governments, in key scenes of this documentary. No one really talks about the recession in full detail where you feel there is concern with the future of our nation, they talk the recession more like an after thought, like it no longer exists. They seem more at ease just talking about what they need to do, to reshape and restructure the cities, and invest billions on this or that. While they never talk about who will be the ones doing the work and where they will pay their money contracts to, whether US or Foreign. You ever notice on the news that they seem so fast to tell us what America or our local cities, states are investing money in, but never really honest about where the funding is coming from. They leave it all up to us to guess. So, we need to be ready for the next generation and rebuild, tell us where does all this money come from? You can pave every road on the planet, and restructure every building, but when in America right now, we have a 59 percent drop out rate in high school kids, and a 47 percent unemployment rate, should this money really be spent on something that will not help deflate these numbers?

I understand birth rate is high these days, everyone is making babies whether they can afford to or not. And our cities continue to grow, it makes sense to look at how this population influx will affect urbanization. How we adapt to changing times is crucial right now in this day and age. I may have taken more out of this film than it offered, but it just irritates me, when people tell me, about what they deem is our crucial needs. To me, our crucial needs is not is protecting the civilization. The film goes on and on about restructure and what is needed. Maybe I am the minority on this topic but if our population needs anything right now, it is morale and something positive to happen economically more than anything else right now. I cannot see how investing billions into urbanizing a city, can be a positive right now. Unless you are using people in that city as labor and paying them, but we know that is not happening. The film was ok for what it was, but it just got so long winded when they kept harping on the same topics over and over. The next person more talkative than the last. The economy will not fully change until the rich get hit by the recession. Then overnight we will have that solved.

6 out of 10