Movie Review-The Sitter

Plot-From David Gordon Green who gave us Your Highness and Pineapple Express, comes this tale about Noah Griffin, who is going to babysit a friend of his mom’s 3 kids. Irresponsible young adult, and 3 kids who hate him in the beginning and are unruly. Noah and the kids, have to take a road trip to get Noah’s girlfriend/friend some cocaine for the promise of him getting some sex. As you can guess, this is not going to be a good idea and along the journey we will get some life lessons, and an encounter with a drug dealer….Hey, there is a unrated 7 minute longer version on this disc, guess which one I watched?

Review-This is being billed as the ” totally irresponsible edition”. There is no doubt, Jonah Hill is very funny and talented. I loved Superbad and Get Him to the Greek. But, how many times can we go thru the same shtick.same reactions and jokes, till we just get tired of it? This is why I have no need to rent or buy, or even ask for a screener of anything that has Ben Stiller in it. Now, I am starting to see this trait in Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. David Gordon Green as of late, has become a very lazy director. If you have films built as comedies, why does there have to be so much seriousness and unfunny topics, in the film? Pineapple Express was the same way. It lost direction so many times, you cannot be serious and funny at the time, not with this kind of material.It will always fail..just ask Eddie Murphy. What is funny about a grown man threatening kids and cussing them out? What is funny about addressing subjects to kids like homosexuality and adultery? Why lie about the target audience for films like this, there’s going to be 13-19 year olds who will eat a film like this up. And half of this material, they will look at each other and have no idea what is so funny about it. But, no need to worry, in-between all the serious, we get a little girl who shits her dress when they thought she farted. It is mean spirited humor. Adults like me, are not the target to a film like this. I mean, I wont lie, I love comedy and will eat up any film that promises vulgar humor..but this film was so mean spirited and tried so hard to manipulate the audience to feel for a man who is taking kids on a drug run, threatening them over and over, cussing them out, them cussing him out in return, and just what these kids are exposed to. I know it is just a film, but I have a 15 year old neice, and if I found out she watched this film..I would have to talk to her before the film about questions she may ask. Not so much because the film is good or bad, but for the simple fact, this film will lure children in, but it is not for kids. The material is very adult.

Sam Rockwell plays a drug dealer. While Noah is getting drugs for his girlfriend/friend, one of the kids has to go to the bathroom. As you can guess, the kid steals some drugs from Sam. So, in addition to Noah having to go find his girlfriend to get him some, now he is trying to escape a drug lord trying to kill him. If you know Adventures in Babysitting, you know the premise and most of this film. Just slap it with a hard R rating and let it be directed by the man who gave us Pineapple Express. And of course, ha ha..the film had the black stereotypical characters that all these films have. You know the white kid having to act like he is black to fit in, and the blacks all cool with it. Seriously, the film was not a total waste and had some fun to it. Would I watch it again, who knows…Maybe?

I would give this a 7. I guess a low C would be a good grade for this film. It is passable, but could have been better. Also in the same breath, could’ve been a lot worst.