Movie Review-The Short Films of Blood Productions

Blood Productions is a small independent horror film company in Lewistown PA.They most recently put out a dvd of a few of their short films. Fed and Candy Necklace. They specialize in low budget bloody fun films. They have 2 women they call the Blood Angel Demon Girls. If you like what you read, the dvd is only 5.00. You cannot get a gallon of gas for that much.

Review-This dvd clocks in with special features and all at a little over a hour. You get with this, a few intermission segments with the girls, a 8 minute short called Candy Necklace and a 30 minute plus short called Fed. Also included are trailers and a making of. If you are a fan of low budget indie film making, this may be your cup of tea. They give us some very great concepts, and some really cool twists. So we are going to break this down and see, if this may be something that you want to seek out.

We get a fun little intro about a guy who looks like he is spiking drinks and making girls kneel before their master. It was harmless, and may give you guys a smirk. It was a interesting way to open this dvd to tell you the truth.

Candy Necklace is almost too short. At around 7 to 8 minutes, this film shows us a family eating dinner and the girl does not want veggies. And next thing you know, cops are reporting to the scene because the family was killed in a triple homicide. This whole short revolves around the police going around the house to find out what happened. For what little it was, it was fine. It was more of a suspense thriller than horror. My only flaw is that this seemed like a cheap fix. That they were not wanting to try and make it longer. It was like a fast meal that tried to fill you up too quickly. The dialogue I guess was ok for what little there was. The actors really had nothing to do beside walk around and look for a killer. I liked it for what it was, but the real verdict would be if this film was 30 minutes long and had to have a deeper plot and characters. It was not boring, and it seemed to deliver on what it was. But, what can you really tell about a short that went as long as most commercials?

Intermission with our Blood Angels. Now, I am a fan of these female hosted dvds. I think this is indie film gold. Get two hot women to talk about horror and wear sexy clothes. Ask the Midnites, this formula works. These girls could read the burger king menu and get a million hits on you tube. So eye candy to help promote a company or project, is always a good sell.

Now, things get interesting. Next up is Fed. Fed is a low budget zombie film with a major twist. A guy wakes up one morning by a female soldier to tell him the dead are taking over. This whole short is about this guy going to see his girlfriend to save her. All small gripes aside, this really was fun. You get some zombie kills here and there, which were decent. But, the selling point is a twist that I cannot spoil. When the twist happens, this film takes on a new meaning that I think if this was a major picture with a huge budget, all the fans would be kissing it’s ass and talking about..the future of horror this and that. I liked the script somewhat and the humor was fun. The scene with him and his girlfriend was just so genius. It takes balls to come up with something that off the wall, and then give it to the fans.

Also included you get some trailers, to see if Blood Productions is for you. If this dvd did not answer that question.

Now, the selling point part two. The making of Fed. A lot of people will watch this dvd and may like it or may hate it. But, this documentary was really more fun than it needed to be. You truly see the heart and passion of all involved and they give you indie film class 101 to a point. I love the way indie films are really pulling back the curtains to be more fan friendly and almost guiding people towards a career in the field. You really get a sense of wanting to give these underdogs a shot.

As a whole, a lot of gripes can be made, but the dvd kept my attention and did not make me want to shut it off. Which is always a plus. I think there is a fan base for this type of indie film making, and I think if people gave it a shot, they may be entertained. Only if, they know what they are getting themselves into. If this review was built on heart and how much I would love to see more from them, it would be stellar. On the material, I love the intermission segments, and the making of Fed a lot. Candy Necklace for what it was, was fine. Fed, had some good moments, the special effects and gore, were what you expect from indie film, but the twist in this film…fucking super creative. I did not see this film pulling that off. And kudos to them, they did. What the fuck, I think this dvd could be a fun night at home with the guys, girls or whoever you hang out with. If you like this review, friend them on facebook. Check out what they are all about.

7 out of 10