Movie Review-The Collective V3-10 Minutes to Live

Plot-The Collective is back and this time it is female. 10 female directors, 10 short films, one topic…10 minutes to live

Review-I am a fan of the Collective concept. I think Jason Hoover and his crew do a great job and really make this series, truly the alternative to what Hollywood is offering. I am a fan of female directors and my heart skipped many beats when I heard about what Jason was coming up with. And to have Shelley Vogel attached, Ms Toe Tag herelf..I was stoked. So we are going to briefly go over the ten shorts.

1.Conclusion-It starts off with 4 people in this waiting room. They are told to put all their personal belongings in a bag, and then step into seperate rooms. There are 2 guys, and 2 women. Once inside each room they see this box that says Personal Objects. Inside each box is something to help these 4 find their end. From a gun, to pills, to a syringe, to a knife. They are also haunted by people who may have been the reason they are in these rooms.

To me, this short was so cold blooded and cruel. Which means that I truly dug it. The man is injecting himself with heroin in front of his little daughter who is telling him ” do it daddy”. This felt like a Tales from the Crypt episode. It was fun, and will have you asking more questions when it is over then you were asking during it. It was smart, simple and very effective. This would make a awesome full length film.

9 out of 10

2.Home Security-Robert is a salesman with KCP Security. He is having trouble selling security systems in a neighborhood. He encounters a female who looks like she is a pushover and finds out she is having trouble with her backdoor locking. So he is setting up this scheme to go to her house and scare her, so the next day, he can sell her a system.

2 for 2. This is a home run. The whole ten minutes of this short tell such a great story with a good build to a very fun payoff, that really will have people clapping and cheering. Great acting and great script. I did not see the ending coming, and I had no clue that they would even go that direction. This is so smart and creative, and I am really a fan of this. So far the Collective is kicking ass.

8.5 out of 10

3.Suffer-Not sure how to really describe this plot other than a film noir that features a guy who masturbates, kills women during sex and works for the morgue.

I give the Collective credit for wanting to branch out and put this film on the collection. All I got out of this was, Cary was a sex junkie who liked to kill women and beat off and then would pick up their dead bodies. I give the Collective credit for taking this route, but this is truly a miss. It was just so confusing and assumed that since they did not give you any details that you could come up with your own. This was a waste of time.

2 out of 10

4.He Who Watches-Talk about a short that has a lot of hype. A lot of people have been bragging to me about this one. This short is narrated by lead character Laura. Laura has a disease called ALS. She is on her deathbed, and is constantly visited by a spirit whom she calls ” he who watches”.

I am not going to all overboard like the others, but for what it was not that bad. Towards the end of this short is when things get interesting when the spirit wants to make a deal with her. And that is the part, that this film really shines. This feels like a old idea in a fresh perspective. I had fun with it, and I think the casual movie fan will have fun as well.

7.5 out of 10

5.Pact-This is the family tale of two 14 year old kids who agree and fulfill a suicide pact.

So far in this Collective we have dealt with sex addiction, suicide pacts, your past coming back to haunt you and terminal illness. This Collective series is depressing so far. That being said, Amy made the best short on this dvd. Starting off with Death Cab for Cutie playing the opening song. You see a young man who looks so harmless and innocent just minding his own business. And then he encounters a tree and hangs himself. Thru news clips we learn that him and his friend made a suicide pact and both carried it out. Jason did this last series, when he made his heartfelt child story about bullies. This time Ms. Jabb Pictures goes almost the same route, like they are trying to manipulate us to get emotional. You cannot watch this short and not feel something. I am scared to know what kind of childhoods they had.

9.5 out of 10

6.Stay-A abusive guy makes his girlfriend/wife stay under the table like a dog.

This is the one I had my heart on. This is Toe Tag Pictures, how can it go wrong?? This was just 10 minutes of a guy yelling at a girl, throwing a fit at a girl and being abusive. No rhyme, no reason, no plot, not even a character name. It felt like it tried to live up to that Toe Tag standard and thought that it would get by on name alone. This was a huge fucking letdown. There is a scene of someone choking on casserole, that was sort of cool to a weird point. All in all, this was a boring and lasted 9 minutes too long. Why did this one have to suck so bad?

1 out of 10

7.10 Minutes? -This short is about a woman who finds out her husband has been cheating, and you go thru the ten minutes of what happens between the two of them.

What an original concept. I love the hell out of this short. You would think it would start with minute one and go to ten. (That is what I would have thought) They start the short on minute 8. In minute 8, we see a body on the floor and have no clue about what is going on. And then, we go to minute one. And we learn the story of how Mitchell cheated on his wife. We go from minute to minute in no order, and that really made this short so fun. It played against the stereotypical real time film and succeeded. Very solid short.

8 out of 10

8.The Key-A girl wakes up from an experiment that was set up for her to find clues to something. And she finds a box that inside holds some secrets to something?

The problem with this short is they tried too much in too little time. For a concept like this to work, you cannot leave the viewers in the dark about everything. You have to give them something in terms of a plot, or characters. You cannot just start a story and never explain it and then expect us to follow it when we have no clue as to what the fuck is even going on. I almost feel bad reviewing it, because I have no clue what I just watched. Concept, characters and story. If those fail, at least a plot and some kind of background info as to what is going on could work as well. If those fail, a music video could be cool.

1 out of 10

9.Noir-You are the character. You put on your ipod and go for a jog. You are also haunted by visions of dead bodies. Grand Theft Auto has come to the Collective.

I like the concept somewhat and at 9 minutes it was harmless. I like the jogging around the streets and city with the music playing. It felt like a first person film. You are the character and you just are in this world and listening to this music. And, you have images of death, blood and bodies running around in your head. Again, on a big screen with a crowd, this could take a life of its own.

7 out of 10

10.Untitled-Middle aged woman takes a pill and everything is going backwards and forwards.

This felt like a bad Julian Cope music video. Again, we are thrown into something that has no rhyme or reason and we have no idea why we keep on watching. This was a very long 10 minutes, and by the end I felt like I wanted to die. Like Suffer, this film felt out of place. It was bad and made no sense. When I cannot even think up a proper plot, you know there is something wrong. The concept could work, but not in a 10 minute short, where you are not telling us anything about anything and expecting us to get this film. I get the art house film appeal, and I am a fan of art house cinema. This was not art house anything. It was just a series of pictures, people and things going backward and forward.

1 out of 10

Hats off to the Collective for having the balls to attempt this. Also, kudos for taking chances on different visions. Some paid off well and some failed, but it has to be at least commended they attempted it. If you are a fan of the Collective, you should own this. The highs on this dvd alone are worth the price tag.

7.5 out of 10