Movie Review-Splintered

Debuting on Blu-Ray/Dvd combo pack and Dvd March 20th

Plot-This is fairly simple. Sophie is a troubled teenager. She brings her friends deep in the forest in search of a beast. Once in the woods, Sophie and her friend John find an abandoned orphanage and decide to search it, for this beast. Well, when Sophie and John fail to return to camp, the other 3 set out to look for them. And they stumble on the abandoned orphanage. Take a guess, do you think they find the beast?

Review-The best way to describe this film is “attempted to”. First time director Simeon Halligan “attempted to” re-create about 5 different films with Splintered. The lead character of the film is Sophie. Sophie is a troubled young girl haunted by the abuse she suffered as a child, and wanting to find a creature. (that she knows exists from having hid from it when she was a kid.) She drags 4 of her friends out in the woods with her, in search of this creature. Armed with a video camera, they set up camp in the middle of the woods to go on this hunt and capture it on video. The first thirty minutes of this film, revolve around the group talking and sharing stories, and the flashbacks of Sophie’s. That was the weakest part of this film. The first 30 minutes felt so fake, and just so boring. That when the film does pick up, it cannot take away the sting of that first half hour. The last hour of the film tries to get the film out of the starting gate, and get your attention. John and Sophie decide to go creature hunting in the woods for themselves, which is never a good idea. Well, John and Sophie stumble upon an abandoned orphanage. So, like any of us in the middle of the night, in a strange forest, they decide also ( like any of us would in this situation with a creature on the loose) to go ahead and see what is inside. Once inside, something happens to John and Sophie is abducted and trapped in a room. This is when the film felt like almost every other stereotypical kidnap/prisoner, innocent female film. Just paint by the numbers. You know she is going to attempt to escape, you know she will be caught, then try again. Why is it so standard for a person who is trapped always plead their innoncence, and keep asking to be ” set free”. You are in that room or situation for a reason, I am not too sure, it could be bargained for you to just leave. With the final half hour is when you can tell Simeon took his foot off the brake, and just hit that gas pedal to make it to the end. You get blood, gore and a finale that was so WTF laughable.

The positives to this film are the locations, and some of the gore in the final half hour. Wales proved to be a very cool location. From where they were camping out to the abandoned building in the woods, the locations were just spot on. Which makes me so mad with this film, it had 80 percent of the work done for it, you have a awesome setting, and some unknown character actors, yet the script and premise of the film was so wooden, and one dimensional. The acting was so one note that you can tell the actors looked like they were being fed the lines. I truly felt like the characters themselves were in sales men suits, trying to sell me on this film. In reality, they needed to be sold on it. When two of the end reveals happen, this film just downplays them so much that you almost feel like, why even go there. Splintered felt like it was trying to serve way too many masters, and had no real identity of its own. This film ” attemted to” entertain, but in the end it fell a little short.

3.5 out of 10