Movie Review-Rebecca ( 1940)

Blu-Ray Features…English DTS HD mono Master Audio; Subtitles: English (SDH); audio commentary; “making of” featurette; featurettes; screen tests; radio plays; interviews; theatrical trailer.

Plot-When a innocent young woman marries a rich widower and settles in his mansion, she finds the memory of the first wife maintaining a grip on the house and everyone in it.

Review-The blu ray transfer is unreal. It felt fresh and the picture looked amazing. As a lifelong Hitchcock fan, I must admit..this and Vertigo hold a personal spot in my heart. A beautifully directed and photographed film that examines a number of different fears. You get deception, death and depression, and explores well into the emotions of all the characters. This film is like a buffet of different genres. Ranging from romance to a mystery to drama to even comedy at times, and all without being boring or coming across as silly. The cast is truly magnificent. The script shines. Joan Fontaine is a woman who marries a widower but fears she lives in the shadow of his deceased ex. The soundtrack to this film is the true star. I love the spooky organ music and the scenes with the fog really made this film so amazingly eerie. Almost like a weird Cinderella story. Well one that is in Hitchcock’s head. The soundtrack on surround sound was amazing and with the blu ray transfer the fog scenes really looked amazing for a film that was shot and released almost 72 years ago.

If you are a Hitchcock fan, you may have already seen this film. You are really reading this review, because you want to know if you should double dip and get this blu ray. I would say yes. It really feels complete now. This is one of Hitchcock’s best earlier films. All in all, this film is what makes me a fan of what the legend of Hitchcock is all about. Now the bonus stuff, is nothing new and if you have the dvd copy, it has the same special features. The selling point would be the better picture quality and sound improvements. I really hope technology stops now. What can be better than blu ray? Having a troupe come to our houses and act the films out for us. Realistic cinema is coming next…

8.5 out of 10