Movie Review-Pretty Dead


Coming January 21st

(This review was originally done March 7th 2012)

“This is the must see film of 2012. And if you do not believe me, wait and see. Soon others will be sharing these same words with you guys”—2 years later and god that was quote was so dead on…enjoy this review.

Plot-In 2008; Regina Stevens murdered and cannibalized 4 men. She was never brought to trial, because she was deemed unfit. The following captured footage is all that is left of that time. Regina went to a party with her friends in 2007, that night she had a strange reaction to cocaine. From there we watch as her appetite changes as does her appearance. We get to witness the descent, and we are presented with two explanations. Schizophrenia or that she is turning into a zombie.

Review-I remember when I went with a date to go see Silence of the Lambs. After the film, I and she were walking to the car, and we were both talking about how awesome Jodie Foster was. Horror films are use to the female lead either being a victim, or needing a man. Carly Oates as Regina truly takes the female lead in a new direction. A victim, and a innocent victimizer. You are there with her thru this descent from innocent woman to a zombie. Director Benjamin Wilkins, instead of giving you everything at one time, builds this story thru found footage. We watch as she does coke for her first time, when her boyfriend Ryan told her no. As the film goes on, we watch as she gets engaged, and this love story blooms. Then, we watch the dark side. Regina is a nurse at the hospital, and she starts stealing biohazard bags and dead body parts. Thru this whole ordeal, Ryan sticks beside her and loves her so much. We feel though, Regina loses touch on things like emotions and love. You can see this as her beauty starts to deteriorate. Benjamin Wilkins should really be commended on a script that puts so much emphasis on emotion and feelings. Where others would go in a direction of gore and lack of a story, Benjamin went for the story and lack of gore. And that made this film work. Now, do not worry, you get gore and a jump scare that delivers. You also get emotion, passion and a smart script. At the end of 2012, when all is said and done, and we go thru the horror films that will make us all either groan, smile, bitch, or be entertained, there is no way this film will not make every critic and fan top 10 list of 2012. As a horror fan, I hate the words buzz and hype. This film what else can be used to describe it. It truly deserves both titles. This film takes two genres that are so overexposed right now and puts a twist on both. (Found Footage and Zombies) This is the film Paranormal Activity should have been. Pretty Dead has so much to brag about and be proud of. I was mad when this film ended. But, keep watching after the credits, you get some bonus goodies and do not stop after that, you get more bonus goodies. The last seconds of this film, gives me hope for what Benjamin will create next. The future is tonight…Pretty Dead is 2012′s must see film of the year. Finally someone has listened to the horror fans, and created a film we wanted to see. Carly Oates….welcome to the horror genre. Women you have a new role model and inspiration.
This film is a must.

10 out of 10