Movie Review-Operation: Nazi Zombie

Coming out May 1st

Plot-This film is billed as Platoon meets Dawn of the Dead. Well, you get some of those elements. You have soldiers and zombies. A Team of Army Special Forces is sent into a secluded secret biological weapons facility. Only to fall prey to the specimens of a Nazi biological warfare experiment, that was recreated by the Army Chemical Corps after World War II. When the chain of command breaks the soldiers find themselves trapped in a world of the flesh eating zombies, government assassins and the ultimate evil. Told in flashback by General Gibbs when he is captured in Fort Leavenworth, and has to explain his story to people who think he killed all his men and women.

Review-Originally released in 2003 as Maplewoods. I am shocked this film was never called Return of the Living Dead 6-Platoon. There is little to recommend with this film. The bad lighting, the worst acting and just the cheap looking zombies. Oh wow, the first ten minutes of this film feels like a lifetime. And of course, you have the popular catchphrases on display here, ” I am getting too old for this shit”. (How fucking original, where did you get that line from?) That was my exact thoughts, like the character knew what we would be thinking at that moment. The blood effects and gore were a little above decent, but what little you get of that, does not make up for how awful this film is. This film is so bad, it has to be seen to be believed how bad it truly is. This film felt like a ad, ” kiddies,if we can make films, sure as shit so can you”. This film talks about Nazi Experiments, and Government cover ups, like it knows what it is talking about. I think they heard these words being used and thought they would be clever to be mentioned in this film. Also, I have never been to Germany in my life, but I am pretty sure, it does not look like the back yard of the director in Ohio. I dare someone to tell me these people were scripted. That there was a script, if so,it had to be on gas station napkins. Nothing character wise to tell you about really, well, other than a bunch of bad actors running around in fake camo and thinking they are either Rambo or Danny Glover. This film just felt like an excuse to get some people on a ummmm film set(?) and have something to brag about to their co workers at work the next day. ” Hey Mike, I am going to be a movie star..I just signed a deal with Operation:Maplewoods. Oscar speech, I am telling you.

I understand the need for any first time people to make films and take it so personal and love it like they had a kid. And this pride they have gets boosted or shattered, when they read reviews positive or like this.. I think there are a lot of factors that could have happened to make this film, this bad, and I just hope that by film 2 these excuses or problems are cleared. This is one of those ” bad” films that people should just watch just to see how bad it is.

1 out of 10

  • zombiefan

    Not to mention Im sure there is some kind of contract they would have to sign against doing that. If so they would risk lawsuit. Not to mention any possibility of any future business with said company. Normally in this type of situation with distribution the “owner(s)” lose all rights to the film from 7-10 years. This means all rights, footage, photos, name of the film, merchandise … you name it. I would assume this to be the case because of the monetary output from the distributor. I wouldnt so much put this on the director, im sure its more about whats on paper and what kind of agreement was signed regardless of what our personal opinions are. I agree if should have been stated. In saying that … IMDB has it correct with both names even including the working title and the year

  • zombiefan

    To be honest I really dont think too many people saw this or bought it IMO. If i remember correctly they told me there were only a few hundred made

  • I am not going to pretend I know that side of business, because I do not. I have known quite a few directors that had similar situations with their films. Those directors went all over any social media site they could and even on sites that advertised the film and told people the deal, so they would not get fucked. I know for a fact the director of this film did not speak out, or go to amazon or any website selling it and say ” hey this film used to be this and now we changed the title to this. I wont let you guys get ripped off who supported my original film and bought it”. I think it is the director who should let fans know. Esp. if he gives a shit about them. Why does the company have to be the backbone and guts of the director? Now, if he has anything at all he wants to say and defend himself and this film..I am always open and game…

  • zombiefan

    Distribution companies change names all the time not the film makers!! They do this for marketing and for what is in the best interest of business. Operation: Nazi Zombies / Maplewoods never had a real release through a distribution company. If you look at IMDB they actually made in 1999 and premiered in 2003 …. so 2003 becomes the date they use because it was the first public screening even though all filming was done in 1999. I know that there were only a few copies available from the filmmakers themselves in 2003 at a couple conventions (I own one) but there was never a release. The name change would have come from Brain Damage itself not the film makers

  • Michael Otto

    I suppose we’re all entitled to our opinions, but you missed my point entirely.

  • At least Resident Evil and Zombieland are honest about what they are. They are not name changing because the hate got too much for them, they can give a shit who hates or loves the films. You know when you go to see either one of these films what you will get. Either you are going to be a fan or be a hater. Operation is not honest. This was originally named MapleWoods and was released in 2003. Now in May when this is released, fans wont have a clue about the past of this film. They will see the box art and think it is a new ” zombie film”. Now, if this film is such a hit as you claim, why would they do this? Why would they destroy all proof that MapleWoods existed? What if MapleWoods people bought this film, would that be fair? You are talking shit about me for speaking my mind and being honest with what I feel, but you seem to be giving a free pass to a film that is not being honest to the fans. As horror fans we will not always agree, but I am cool with your opinion and I thank you for taking the time to post a thought. Thanks

  • Michael Otto

    I happen to be someone who, incidentally, was not involved with the film, I just liked it for what it was. You’re review wouldn’t be so insulting if you actually paid attention to the facts of the film instead of just fast forwarding through it and making assumptions about the plot. The plot actually makes sense. They weren’t supposed to be in Germany. They were supposed to be in a secret military facility in rural Pennsylvania. The lighting wasn’t bad for the whole film, some of the night scenes were poorly lit, but majority of the sets were lit well. The acting was a lot better than the average no budget indie feature, especially Tom Reilly the main character. As for the Danny Glover line, I’m pretty sure that is what most filmmakers call a homage. I really think you were a little harsh on this one. It really wasn’t deserving of that. If you didn’t like this as a low budget, homegrown zombie film than you probably don’t like no budget/low budget features at all and should just stick to “Resident Evil” and “Zombieland.” A real no budget/low budget fan knows effort and production value when he sees it and will give props when it is deserved even if the film wasn’t perfect.