Movie Review-Noirmageddon – A Mark Anvil Thriller

Plot-Private investigator Mark Anvil gets more than he bargained for when his chance encounter with an escapee from the local insane asylum leads him to a brutal murder and maybe, just maybe, the end of the world… A homage to film noir by the makers of “The Italian Zombie Movie” and “The Giant Rubber Monster Movie”

Review-Shot entirely in black and white and a running time of about 24 minutes. Where do I start with this film? You get a shark attack, a luchador fighting a suburban mob, a human centipede, and the midnight girls talking about Panspermia. I love the script in this film. the characters and just the feel and flow of the film, more than anything Thomas has done to date. With IZM, I think he was trying so hard to be taken serious and also getting his feet wet in film, and with Giant Rubber, he let the effects and silliness be the stars, with Noir, he actually lets the script and characters shine. There is this scene that just the delivery alone of the dialogue, showed me that Thomas wanted to go all out on this tongue and cheek approach. The Private Eye goes to Varla who he is investigating, and they are on this lead and the girl tells the private eye…” He lives in a seedy part of town”, and then she says, “oh I can show you, I know the way”. And another scene, you get a slow motion pie fight when the private eye is chasing a suspect. How can you not get into a film that has a slow motion pie fight from some Columbo like character and a Luchador? And this film has so many plugs in it, from the IZM shirts, to the gas station that was playing the theme song for surprise…Midnight Mausoleum. This film at times felt like a commercial. These two guys are chasing the private eye in the water, and realize their gun is empty, so one is splashing the private eye with water to stop him, while the other is filling his gun up. Just read these scenes back to yourself, they sound like some bizarre fun. That is what this film has..a great sense of personality. You can tell that the people involved were having fun and it showed the whole 24 minutes.I know when this hits dvd, it will be loaded to the hilt with bonus stuff, that is the gift of buying a Thomas Berdinski project, he makes the price cheap and gives you a shitload for the dollar. This is quite frankly, Thomas Berdinski at his very best. He is like a mad scientist and creates films that get order thru some weird chaos and absurdity. This sort of reminded me of the old Steve Martin noir Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid in its delivery and deadpan humor. This is Thomas Berdinski’s best work to date. This is what a Thomas Berdinski fan will dig a lot, and also if you are not a fan just yet, this film may convert you. I said this in 2010 about him, and I will say it tonight…The Future is Now…too much fucking talent… I bow to you Thomas, you made a home run here…a human centipede and a shark attack in the same film, ha ha holy fuck!!!

9 out of 10