Movie Review-Masters of Terror 2

On April 17th, Echo Bridge will be putting out the following 6 pack blu ray collection called Masters of Terror. Before I review the films one by one. I want to say, I love the concept of a blu ray giving me 6 films in good sound and picture quality. I felt like a kid at christmas on this blu ray and had a blast, even though some of the films may not seem like it. This was a fun shot.

1.Hellraiser:Hellseeker- This film starts the Rick Bota era. Where the films got cheaper in budget, and the content was so dumbed down that you almost felt insulted to be a fan. Not even bringing back their Nancy character…Kirsty Cotten could save this train wreck. Completely trashing the Hellraiser legacy,and trying to re do all the things we come to love from the early installments, Rick Bota gave us this abortion. You get very little Pinhead, and very little Kirsty. The car wreck in this film was ok. But, I know all the fan boys love this film. But, Avatar did do 1 billion dollars and they all loved that and the other abortion named Inception, so trust me when I tell you this film is bad.

5 out of 10

2.Venom- From the director of Eye See You and I know what you did last summer comes this tale that is about a group of older actors and actresses trying to be teenagers and running thru the swamps of Louisiana, as they are chased by this evil character named Mr Jangles. I am a diehard horror fan. First off, I loved the blu ray transfer. This is one of the better transfers I have seen yet. Ok, that is out of the way, so I know the majority of you reading this review, have seen this film and know what you thought and only want to see what the transfer is like. If you liked this film, it is worth the change to upgrade to blu ray…now, I am a diehard horror fan. How can I soften the blow of how bad this film is? I hate to totally trash a film, but this film the second time in 6 years I watched it, was even worst than the first time. I almost forgot about this film, until I got the chance to review it on blu ray. I originally watched this in 2005, me and my wife went to the theater and paid more money than I will admit on here to see it. I know I paid for most of the budget. I remember my wife looking at me at the 25 minute mark and saying ” really, you dragged me to this”….From the stars in this film to the plot, this film is just bad. I thought Chain Letter was bad, this is just as bad. No horror fan alive can tell me one redeeming quality of this film. It is bad. This is what they call a fast cash…they say ” hey horror fans will buy into this”…give them a cheapie with some done to death premise and sets..I mean why damn the studios, they are all guilty of this practice. But, some of the bloggers, critics and magazines sometime are newer to the genre and embrace films like this cause they do not have the exposure to better horror films. So if you are brand new to the genre and around 15 years old, this film will be your Star Wars. If you have watched hundreds upon hundreds of films, this film is a joke. A cruel and bad joke. Venom is what a poisonous fluid…this film is truly Venom. God save the horror industry and make these people put out better films…6 years later, my wife is still mad that I spent money on this at the theater.

1 out of 10

3.Halloween-Curse of Michael Myers- We all know the Halloween franchise and Michael Myers history. The question is did Echo Bridge do a good job on the transfer, and my answer is yes and no. First off, for less than 20.00 you get a double shot of Halloween. There are no special features, which I think the original dvds did not have anything besides the sneak peaks. The picture and sound are a little better than the original dvds, which to me is ok. But, my negatives are really silly. Echo Bridge why not load the discs up and give fans some special features maybe some history into the projects, or what about the long never released work print to Curse? Talk about a easy cash in. Know how many blu rays were sold when Fox put out the Alien blu ray and threw in the work print for part 3. I had to see it and as a horror fan, I would love for companies to release these. These are not things that Echo Bridge can be faulted for. They are doing a good job at just releasing some long overdue stuff on double packs at a good price for fans. But, why not the workprint. Dimension has the rights to it. Why not just release it and give the fans a treat? Me personally, I am a huge fan of Curse. And this is the first time I have watched this film in what 13 years. It was one of the dvds that sat in my collection that I knew I would watch again someday. But, thanks to Echo Bridge and this blu ray I got to watch it again. Paul Steven Rudd. Love it. They listed his whole name. This film is so intense, great kills and fun times. I love the old fashioned slashers, this is fun old school stuff. To see Donald Pleasence, is sad. He looked so sick and in pain, and you know he did this for the fans. A true class act and such a presence that is missed in horror these days. This is my number two fave behind the original part 2. You watch this film, and watch some of the crap that Rob Zombie has gave us, and it is sad. This is what Halloween is supposed to be. But, Paul Rudd looks so fucking ridiculous in this film. And again Michael can drive.

9 out of 10

4.Phantoms-Five lone survivors in a devastated town must face a force of evil that has surfaced with the power to destroy every human being. Left behind are two sisters, the town sheriff , his deputy and a noted tabloid journalist. I will take a lot of heat for this one, but watching this again on blu ray. I had fun with it. Adapted and written by novelist Dean Koontz, is a surprise on almost every level. It’s a well-made thriller from Joe Chappelle, whose only previous major credit was Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. This film needs no further review, I mean who has not seen Phantoms yet. It is a awesome film. If you have not seen it yet, you owe it to yourself to get the blu ray transfer to experience it.

8 out of 10

5.Cursed- the bad Christina Ricci werewolf film that Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven tried to pass on quickly to fans. I remember in 2000 when the word was out about this film, and it was going to be so extreme, and heavy R rated. Christina Ricci went so far, as to tell the press that this will be her breakout role. This film rewatching it again, you really see where the film failed. It is just too cute for its own good. It is a safe, bland and boring horror film. This was one of the first unrated and rated dvd deals back in the day. That you can choose which one to buy. I originally watched the unrated one and hated it badly. Now, I have seen the PG13 one and it is worst.

1.5 out of 10

6. Darkness-Talk about a slow burn horror film. I rented this film so many times, and never watched it. I had this on my dvr and never watched it. Now, on blu ray I finally watched it. And to tell you the truth, it was not half bad. The first half of the film was such a perfect set up and pace. The second half was bad. Just the acting and dialogue to set up for a very bad climax, it was awful and such a missed opportunity.

5.5 out of 10